Droughtlander 2019

I’ve said before I hate that particular term…it’s so negative. Maybe something like “OutPause” would be better…I don’t know. Honestly, with the way things have gone in life this last week, I think the whole idea is pretty silly.

I’m relatively new to the Outlander universe. A teen maybe. I didn’t discover the books until 2009 while working for St. Vincent DePaul in Oregon running the book department. Being everything we got in was donated, some really interesting things would come through the store: that could be a whole post by itself and if anyone expresses interest maybe I’ll write it. To properly shelve the books, I read lots of jackets to understand where to put the books. I’ve always had a thing for Scotland (maybe I lived there in a former life) so reading the jacket for Outlander intrigued me and I bought that book for myself to take home. Ah yeah….where things went from there! LOL

I’m not as invested in the books as the readers who have been with the series from the beginning might be (time in, all that early fandom stuff with Diana, etc.) but I have read the books through several times each and find them in turns soothing, motivating, enlightening, entertaining and engrossing. I was quite excited to hear about the series and especially Ron Moore as we were both big BSG fans and knew Ron had a unique talent with shows.

I am one of those people that decided early on to not stress differences between the books and the series. Diana said up front to “put the books DOWN” and take the series as its own unique entity. I took that advice to heart and have not regretted it. While there have been some things I didn’t like (true of ANY series I have EVER watched) and some disappointments with moments from the books that didn’t make it on-screen for whatever reason, I have never been so upset/stressed about it as to flip out and go on SM rampages. I’m sure I’ve covered this in MANY other posts so won’t repeat myself – go look if you like – I’ll wait.

Back? Ok – so here is another beef. This whole ‘Droughtlander’ mentality. It makes me mental. I mean, yes, the show is off the air till next season. For all the ‘fans’ (using that term VERY loosely) that spent the last six months bitching about how much the show is pissing them off, they should be happy. I mean, they can focus on other stuff now – but they don’t seem to be.

For all involved that seem to think this is such a horrible ordeal as to have come up with the name ‘Droughtlander’ in the first place I beg you – get a life.

Diana’s books are awesome and the show is great – but there are other authors and other shows to find and explore and fall in love with. There are other terrific actors and artists out there that need support just as much as Sam and MPC and all the great charities the Outlander stars support. Check out a new genre you may not have explored before and you might be amazed at what you find.


For some, and even better suggestion is to take this love of Outlander / Scotland / historical time frame / ??? / all of the above and turn it into a creative passion. Volunteer at a local museum or historical re-enactment place. Turn this passion into a hobby and/or a creative craft that you can enjoy and maybe make some money with. Find a unique thing that you are passionate about and put it to use. Right off hand we have several people who craft jewelry, knitters/crocheters, cross-stitchers, bakers, writers, artists…I mean…just about anything can incorporate elements of your favorite books/shows/movies.

Even a couple of the Outlander ‘stars’ are busy with ‘other’ expressions besides their acting. Aside from acting projects outside of Outlander, Sam has MPC going and Richard Rankin is showing his photos at a gallery in NYC! How exciting is THAT!

It’s so very easy to criticize and critique something – go out and do your own ‘art’ in whatever form to find out

  1. a) it’s not so easy
  2. b) what you find a beautiful, near perfect expression others will hate
  3. c) not matter how good your creative endeavor is, there will be those that have never done anything like it that will tell you how you should have done it to make it better or more something THEY would like and
  4. d) there is more to life than any one passion


All this may seem like a bit of a harsh/angry post…and I guess it is. I had an incident a few days ago that reminded me, very poignantly, just how brief and precious and beautiful life can be. That, while books/TV/movies are wonderful and great escapes – they are NOT ‘life’ in all it’s messy, wonderful moments. That sometimes no matter how hard you try – you just can’t fix something. Honestly, my heart is bruised and seeing so much angst over a TV series just irritates.

Love some of the fun, positive stuff fans are doing to keep the show ‘alive’ while it’s on hiatus…but I would also love to see some of the things they are passionate about besides Outlander. Perhaps, by sharing other likes/loves/interests/passions they will introduce people to something new that they too can explore and enjoy.




6 thoughts on “Droughtlander 2019

  1. 26LettersAK says:

    Thank you, thank you for writing this. I too have experienced recent real-life stuff that makes me shake my head when I read some of the “fan” stuff being written. Life is so very short and creating something good is a whole lot more difficult than some like to think. Always appreciate your insights. Keep on trucking girl!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thanks. I’ll likely write a post about what happened..but I’m just not ready yet. Aside from still being raw about it emotionally, I need a bit more information to finish the story properly.

  2. MaryKay says:

    Oh my gosh! You have expressed my feelings perfectly. I am so grateful that we get both the books and the show. Neither are perfect, but I enjoy them both. I cannot understand why there is such hatred and negativity by supposed fans. Move on. Life is too short—-unless the drama is all these people have to focus on in their lives. In that case, bless their hearts. I hope they find happiness somewhere else. Thanks for the post.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Yes – life can be so short and there are so many more important things to focus on. Love the show and enjoy it, but it is not the summation of my life. I don’t want to focus on the stuff I don’t like – it just draws more negative energy IMO

  3. Chris Fey says:

    I really appreciated your sentiment…much is similar to my philosophy. I enjoy the books, the audio tapes and the show…all for different reasons. Fell in love with the books and have read them several times over. The show was my dream come true. I was a huge fan of Ladies Detective Agency series and loved the HBO series. Crushed when it ended at season 1. Watching Outlander come to life and appreciating the interpretations and filling in areas the book didn’t cover? LOVED. Season 4+? A gift that has come true. We’re on the bonus plan. I pushed back on audio for a long time, then gave in during a droughtlander and never looked back! I was actually shocked at how many lines from the book were in the show, which I knew from reading, but reinforced from audio! Now I spend my droughtlander bingewatching the series from episode one. To see Claire and Jamie now, then watch them from the beginning has new meaning. It’s all good.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thanks so much! I really appreciate it when people take the time to read what I have to say – and even more when they take their time to comment. I’m really glad you are enjoying the series so much – but remember, the whole cast has other projects going you can enjoy too!

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