Outlander’s “Fans of Worth”

As a follow-up to my last post, I wanted to go positive. My last post was a backhanded slam at people I think are being very poor fans of Outlander. They frustrate me and, honestly make me pretty angry when they claim to be the ‘supportive fans’ yet attack, bash, bitch, whine and moan.

This time, I want to call out a dozen Twitter accounts that, to me, embody the idea of ‘Fans of Worth’. I grabbed pics from these account’s Twitter feeds, Facebook pages or web pages just as examples of what they have to offer. No copyright infringement intended.

@purpleiris13 & @SummerPic – the ‘POP’ twins….these two ladies take a unique skill and give us wonderful memes and little videos about Outlander and the people connected to the show. They just did a couple for Valentine’s Day that are GREAT! (I also just got ‘popped’ and I LOVE it!)

OL Fans of Worth 1

@RRankinFans / The Rank and File – this group pre-dates Outlander – they are fans of Richard Rankin first, last and always. What makes them Fans of Worth for Outlander (again IMHO) is how they actively support the entire cast, not just their favorite. They vote, promote and love on Sophie, Caitriona and Sam as much as Richard.

@LaughOutLander – The memes this lady puts out are just epic. They are fun, sarcastic, funny, and sometimes just a wee bit twisted. With all the crap going on in the world (and the fandom) it’s good to laugh at the show and ourselves and perhaps the obsession we find ourselves living with.

OL Fans of Worth 2

@mymtbrain – always on top of/promoting voting without pushing or being obnoxious about it. Lots of RT’s for people to help them spread their messages and kind words for the fandom. Just always ‘there’ and positive for the show and the people and the fans.

@sqrlb8 (Beth) – As someone who does cross stitch myself, I really appreciate Beth’s contribution to the fandom. Not only does she take our favorite subjects and spend hours creating her works of art, she donates all that time and cost in materials to raise money for the charities our stars support.

OL Fans of Worth 3

@outlanderpod – I have had the supreme pleasure of hanging with Summer & Ginger at a particularly fun event. It’s been a couple of years ago now, but it is a favorite Outlander memory – for Kyle too. These gals have gone from ‘just fans’ to serious podcast journalists that cover Outlander with great panache. Plus, they are just kick-ass ladies who are fun to hear/be around.

@A_Badassunicorn – Mika is another fan that turned a hobby into a way to support charities that people on the show promote. She raised gobs of money for Bloodwise and Cahonas Scotland and World Child Cancer early on, and has expanded to supporting other worthy charities with her beautiful crocheted items. You can find her items on FB here CANCER CROCHET

OL Fans of Worth 4

@pixietwit – We have many fantastic writers in the Outlander fandom that do great recaps and insights on the show, the books and the people. Beth just happens to be one I really enjoy both in her take on things and how she writes them. You can find her work here My Outlander Blog

@OutLandAnatomy – This is another fan that added something unique to the fandom by combining their own knowledge with Outlander. Putting together great pictures/screenshots of the actors and knowledge of anatomy, the rest of us get these wonderful lessons about the human body. Detailed posts about the pictures tweeted on the OUTLANDER ANATOMY website.

OL Fans of Worth 5A

@OutlanderAmbass – This account just seems to cover everything. Their mission is to ‘promote all things Outlander’ in a ‘consistency positive light’. This is how the account has always come across to me, very positive and encompassing of ALL the fandom.

@OutlanderOnline – This account is marvelous for capturing so much! Screenshots, promotional shots, info from STARZ – just everything – and having it in ONE place! I also love that you can sign up for the emails and it all comes to your inbox. I have a special folder that everything goes into so I can find things if I want! It’s great!

This is by no means an exhaustive list! We have many, many ‘Fans of Worth’ in the Outlander fandom (I used to call it Clandom – but that never seemed to take).

My suggestion, pick your own ‘Fans of Worth’ and give them a shout out on social media. There may be some newer fans don’t know about or that they just haven’t found yet. Some may not feel like they contribute much and a ‘shout out’ might give them a big boost. Expand this idea to other shows/fandoms. Spread the love!

We often promote the actors and people working on the show, maybe during the off season (ok ok Droughtlander – hate that term personally) we can promote the fans…the regular people that are the audience that keep the show on the air.

So get on social media and give shout outs to YOUR favorites – promote these “Fans of Worth” so others can find them. Suggested hashtag? #OLFansOfWorth  – or something appropriate to other fandoms.


12 thoughts on “Outlander’s “Fans of Worth”

  1. jehscribbler says:

    Thanks for this, I knew some of these, but found a couple of new ones.I really appreciate the blog Outcandour, which is a newer one. The person is a very good writer and her insights into the episodes and characters provide new ideas to consider each time.

    • rynawolfe says:

      So glad I could provide you with some new people to look into! We have many and I hope people will share who they like so we can get a good group of interconnected fans going.

  2. Sharman says:

    World needs more positives – great blog post. Found a couple of new ones to look into. Thanks. Xx

    Umm.. love your blogs too – you need to go on your own list!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Oh – thanks….I just write truth from my perspective. Nothing as cool or fun or enlightening as these accounts here. There are so many others too – I really hope people with give shout outs to their own favorites.

  3. Debbie says:

    I love many of the accounts here mentioned. Outlander headquarters, Angus angels, and outlander clips are great too! As many have said, it’s alright to express disappointment just make sure it is with respect. Oh and(I say this with humor) to say the Rankin group supports Sam is streeeeeeetching it!!!!

    • rynawolfe says:

      So give those groups their own shout-out on SM so others can find them. Are they on Twitter? Headquarters I know – I just grabbed the first 12 as I scrolled through my feed the day I was writing this – there are many great ‘fans’ out there but I just grabbed a dozen.

      The Rank and File does indeed support Sam. Richard comes first of course, but they have voted hard for Sam in many of the polls/contests. It’s not wrong for a group that started WAY before Outlander to put Richard ahead of Sam in their hearts and actions, but they certainly do support Sam and all the rest of the cast when appropriate. I saw how some of RR’s fans were treated during a certain vote….not a proud moment for Sam’s fans IMO.

      • Debbie says:

        Well, I said that with humor and I still stick with the humor and with what I said. I don’t know how you got I think Richards fan group should place Sam over Richard from my comment, but that is about the furthest thing I would ever say. Have a good day!

      • rynawolfe says:

        Sorry – I didn’t mean to be offensive. That particular dynamic is just a sore point for me. I didn’t even know who RR was at the beginning of Outlander, but I was heavy into voting and there was one vote in particular that went really nasty. I saw many of Richards fans – even after they were treated so badly in the round between the two guys – vote hard for Sam in the next round. I just wanted to point out that RR’s fans do support the whole cast with Richard out front for them.

  4. Lisa Jones says:


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