Black Sails Finale

This post was written by my partner  ( @BlkOps6 on Twitter)  and, since he doesn’t have a good space to post something like this and I completely agree with what he has written, I’ve given him space here.


Thoughts about the final episode of Black Sails.

One of the most striking aspects of the series finale for Black Sails is the almost unbelievable way that the writers were able to pull everything together for the finale. I was completely convinced after watching last week’s episode that there was absolutely no way that they could do a credible job in wrapping things up in only one night. I was horribly wrong. While so many story threads were left hanging out there to be finalized, the final hour not only pulled them all together, it did so in a way that didn’t seem rushed or contrived. Amazing work from the entire crew that puts this show together both in front of, and behind the camera.

Epic performances by the cast as usual but in the finale they took this to an entirely new level. One of my favorite aspects of this show is how they managed to portray pirates as real people with intelligence, emotion, passion. They were not at all “Disneyfied” as they are in most shows of this type. Instead the creators of Black Sails managed to make our hero’s and villain’s (sometimes the same character) real and not a caricature of the stereotypical pirate.

Each and every one of the characters in this show from season one’s opener to the series’ close, had an amazing journey. I love how they played on that in the finale with the Long John Silver and the cook hiding in the hold moment. So much to accomplish in this final hour and yet they managed to throw nuggets like that in. I can’t think of any other TV series that managed to do as well as this one for character development. Are the final characters that we watched last night anything like the ones we all met in episode one? Flint, Silver, Anne, Jack, and maybe the best example Billy Bones, could anyone have seen how these characters would evolve? I think not and that is the beauty and vision of the show’s creative team. Well done all.

The two things that stand out from the final show that disappoint me are that One: Billy hit the water and not the deck in his fall, and Two: Flint living out the rest of his life in captivity. I say that knowing it had to be that way and that maybe both are really for the best. Billy had to live on for the “Treasure Island” thread but man, I wanted him dead. Flint, with no war to fight and no direction to go from here would have been lost. In this way maybe he gets a semblance of peace. He truly did have to be “unmade”.

I would love to do a character study on each of the characters on this show but it would be redundant. It has already been done for us each and every week brought to us in vivid color by the show’s creators. They brought the depth and passion to the screen for us every episode. The cast gave us all the detail in their magnificent portrayals. Anything that I would write would pale in comparison to what they have already given us. Not only did they give us characters that I would be proud to “raise the black” and follow but they also gave us ones that we love to hate. That is such a hard thing to pull off but they did it admirably.

As someone living on a sailboat on the start of a trip around the world, of course this show would resonate in my bones, but if I were an actor, what they managed to accomplish in four seasons would make me proud to be a part of. In my opinion each of the cast on this show did amazing work to bring to life an incredible story. They should all be applauded.



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