Done with the Drama

Once again (and aren’t we all just sick of this) bloggers all over the Outlander Clandom are writing about the war between the S-shippers and NSTs. Yet another battle a couple of days ago that drew in a journalist and made her SM time a living hell for hours (and there seem to be issues ongoing two days later). In the end, in concern for her safety, she ‘softened’ her ‘tone’ on an article that was in no way inflammatory unless someone chose to make it so. Many did. See her response here on FB:

 Screenshot - 8_13_2016 , 7_40_12 AM


One of the sweetest ladies I know on Twitter sent out a plea not only for people to stop attacking her for voicing her opinion/feelings – but for her friends stop telling her to just ‘get over it’. I watched her try for hours to converse with some of the people involved in the mess; being incredibly kind and patient and all she got in return was slapped. It’s very sad.


Two blogs have been written on Tumbler in the last couple of days by the same lady and they are spot on. Clear, concise – addressing the issue without attacking any specific person. If someone gets pissy about these commentaries, it tells me the shoe is fitting them a bit too well. These are on Tumbler (which I tend to avoid as a rule) but are well worth the read if you haven’t seen them already.




I’d love to see this happen. Shippers are going to ship and, while I disagree with the practice of shipping RL people (think I’ve made that perfectly clear in the past), the only person on the planet I can control is ME. With that in mind….here is the deal for me as a fan of the Outlander phenomenon and all the marvelous people that make it happen.

 I don’t give two bloody shakes about what you do on your own timeline or in private conversations. I’d raise a serious eyebrow of doubt if ANY fan did not admit to at least one smoking fantasy with some celebrity at some point in their life. Normal….I have (though not with Sam). I’ve even known people who write them out as a fiction/fantasy story – and some are quite good. Shared PRIVATELY. Or…if the writing really is good….change the names and enough of the circumstances to avoid embarrassing yourself and let others see it.

What I can’t grasp is how anyone who claims to be a “fan” of ANY ‘celebrity’ – in this case Sam & Caitriona – would purposely do or write things that would embarrass them, make them angry or even hurt them. How is that being a ‘fan’?! How are being nasty to other ‘fans’, cyber-stalking, actual stalking, mobbing people that disagree with you, using foul language, threatening violence/sexual assault and basically being a vile human being things that would endear you to the very person/people you ‘fan’? Having such toxic followers – and it IS getting around the media that a small percentage of the Outlander fandom is extremely toxic and has caused some to stop covering Outlander – might limit Sam & Caitriona’s chances at future jobs because the producers don’t want to deal with it. It might give STARZ/Sony serious pause about renewing for a fifth season of Outlander. The fandom is very vocal about how much pull they think they have (voting for various polls/awards, Twitter/FB trending, live tweets, etc.) so that means they can have just as much a negative effect as a positive one.

How would any one of you feel if some person you didn’t know watched your every move on social media, then wrote explicit sex scenes between you and a co-worker they picked off your company website and posted them all over social media for the world to see? Discussed your sex life and who you may or may not be fucking? (yes – I saw a screen cap of comments made about Sam and that was the language used). How would any one of you feel if you got hundreds to thousands of tweets/IG’s/FB comments a DAY telling you who you should be shagging in your own private life? That you should just get busy and make babies with a specific person? What you should do, who you should be with, how to conduct your personal affairs? Had these same people sending tweets or other SM messages to your friends/family/co-workers accusing them of lying to cover up a relationship you have denied or asking why they aren’t supporting the relationship that is there? This is what some – supposed – “fans” are doing on a daily basis. And before anyone starts screaming – BOTH sides of this war are guilty of all these things. (To clarify…not all from either side are doing all these things. There is a small percentage making a whole group/faction look bad.)

For those of you – on either/any side – engaging in these sorts of behaviors….realize you are not a fan. You are purposely doing things to hurt others including the objects of your supposed affection. I’m not talking about ‘shipping’. I mean the list (in italics) two paragraphs above. There is no excuse for that sort of behavior and I seriously hope civil and/or criminal charges will start being brought against people who do things like this.

For those of you who choose to get offended about EVERYTHING…..get over yourselves already. A note about William Shatner here. He is who he is. Anyone who has followed him for even a few days should be able to see he has a very acerbic sense of humor. He is caustic and can seem very offending if you choose to take it that way. He’s taken a couple of slaps at me – I laughed. I understood the source and didn’t assume he was ‘attacking’ me or being mean – he was just being himself. If you don’t like his style and personality – stop following/interacting with him. It really is that simple. If you truly feel he has gone off the deep offensive end, report it and move on. Oh….and if you manipulate a harsh response from someone, pushing them to say something they wouldn’t normally – don’t pansy out and cry victim. If you started something, own it.

I am not easily offended. If someone calls me a fat-assed cow (yes I’ve been called that) it stings a bit but I realize the person is obviously stupid and move on. I assume people that stoop to such things have no concept of social skills or their own sense of self and pity them. Why get offended by stupidity? That is where I am with this whole war. The people that are stooping to this vile behavior (again…I am NOT talking about shipping in and of itself, even though I don’t agree with the practice) you are not worth my time, energy or emotions. I’ll spare you some pity that you are so miserable in your own life you feel you must attack others – but I have other things to do. I like Outlander, Sam, Cait and the other people involved in the show – but it is not the center of my universe.

For those of you being attacked for stating your own thoughts/feelings/ideas – report where appropriate, take legal steps if necessary and keep this in mind:

 Screenshot - 10_10_2015 , 11_50_32 PM


If you don’t agree with me – that’s fine. Be respectful – use your grown up words to articulate your displeasure and/or thoughts. If you want to take a slap at me in the comments, that is ok too – but use your name. I won’t post anything under ‘anonymous’ as that is just a lame cop-out. You have an opinion, own it.

Note: I did a very slight edit for clarification.


11 thoughts on “Done with the Drama

  1. pteach55 says:

    I must be way out of the loop as I have no idea what is going on. I don’t know what a “shipper” is or what NSTs are. I am simply a fan of the books and the show. I seldom read comments on posts I see on FB, which are mostly very positive. I just don’t get the drama.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I have another post here about shipping – a couple of them actually if you want more information. Short version for Outlander: Shippers insist Sam & Cait are a couple in real life and bend a lot of energy trying to prove that and slap down people who disagree with them. NSTs are Non-Shipper/Truthers who fight against the shippers. My stand is it’s none of our d*mn business as we don’t truly know these people and it is their private lives. All this has escalated to hate speech, death threats, trying to get people fired and other nastiness. If you have managed to avoid the mess – consider yourself lucky. Cheers!

  2. 26LettersAK says:

    Beth once again well written piece. Just very sad it has gotten to this point such that there is concern for the show and actors. Can’t even fathom this behavior. Vile barely describes what little I gave read. I don’t ship and I don’t mind it within bounds but the situation has gone to a level that’s destructive and well just leave it there. Just very saddened it has come to this even though many have tried to change. Always appreciate your words. Barb Hanson

  3. roxlet says:

    As a veteran of the TV industry who has both run a network programming department and produced movies and TV shows, I think that this is a very good shorthand on all that has happened around Outlander and its “fans.” However, I would take exception with two things.

    The first is that the producers and network know exactly what goes on with trolls on SM, and there is no way that this will affect either the longevity of Outlander or Sam Heughan or Caitriona Balfe’s careers. It just doesn’t happen. In the scheme of things, these fans are a pretty small — though loud and demanding — part of the fandom of a show. In fact, many studio heads and producers are not on SM at all, and even those who are understand that it’s a small, but vocal part of the fan community. This is broadcasting, not narrow casting, and an audience is much, much broader than these fans. I believe that there was a click-bait site that recently posited these theories concerning the show and the stars, and these theories have taken on a life of their own. While it might be true that certain journalists who waded into the shipper’s protected waters might have gotten barraged by ugly tweets and such, there are many journalists in the world and they will continue to cover the show.

    I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a writer/ executive producer on The Americans, and I asked him about whether the creators of the show are involved with SM and whether they would ever let it influence any creative decisions about the show. He laughed and said that they are on SM all the time, and were very involved tweeting and responding to tweets. But he also said that it influences absolutely nothing. They would neither fire/use an actor or change/rewrite a story line based on what the fans say. He laughed and said that no one even watches their show, and they got picked up for two additional seasons. This is to say that programming decisions are based on many factors, the least of which is what people say on social media.

    The second part of your thesis I disagree with is that people who do not ship these actors are as culpable as those who do. This is simply not true. While there have been abuses on both sides in terms of digging or mining information, it has solely been the shippers who have been responsible for the attacks on the significant others of the stars as well as journalists who have spoken out about the intrusiveness of shippers and the fact that Sam and Cait do not, as they have repeatedly stated, date each other.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Good information to have – I thank you for your response. The vast majority of the fans have no clue how the whole process works.

      We all cross lines we shouldn’t when angry or upset or pushed. I know I have. All I’m trying to say is all sides in this conflict have some guilt going – I’m not trying to gauge degrees of behavior. Common sense shows who does what – I was purposely not singling out or naming names. I was pointing to behavior – people have to judge for themselves if the shoe I’m holding out fits or not.

  4. Debbie Jensen says:

    While I appreciate your right to say what you think & feel-about this ongoing saga⭐️It’s been tweeted-posted and discussed enough-Period⭐️Time to move forward!!

    • rynawolfe says:

      yet the battle still rages and in some ways, is getting worse. Just ignoring the problem doesn’t fix it. Just blocking and moving on doesn’t help because the worst offenders just get a second or third or whatever account and keep right on at it. With no consequences for the nasty behavior, where is the impetus for it to stop?

      I totally agree with wanting there to be peace – I’m sick of all the crap. Being away from ALL social media – but especially this battle – was very refreshing for 3 weeks.

  5. Mable says:

    I’m just now reading your blog and would like to chime in. I sadly think the result of these shipping wars is the stars themselves shying away from SM interaction. Sam and Cait still tweet but not as much to each other and individually they tend to keep it about the show, charities etc. Such a shame to lose that connection with them for such silly reasons

    • I have to laugh because most people don’t know about the show Ourlander and if they do they have not watched it. Never mind knowing who Sam and Cait are. This is such a little bubble or universe compared to reality. One would think after reading this that the average person knows the show Outlander, Sam and Cait and the fandom. Sorry, they don’t.

      • rynawolfe says:

        A fair few do know about Outlander, but my little blog doesn’t have a huge ‘following’ and is written mostly for the people that ARE part of the Outlander fandom. Would be nice to expand past that some day, but I’m not there yet.

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