Feeding My Addiction

I haven’t written anything here for a long time.

Part of that, to be honest, is laziness. I didn’t want to put out the effort of working on something other people might read. Not that I haven’t been writing – just not writing for public consumption. I am a writer – I write; it’s a compulsive exercise to get things out of my head.


The other part: I didn’t much see a point. I mean….most of the people that ‘read’ my posts tend to agree with me and see things the same way I do. The people that disagree with me, that I would like to present different ideas to don’t tend to read me and have me blocked where they can on social media. So what was the point of writing if it wasn’t having any real positive effect on the world? Hopefully I don’t cause negative affects but I suppose that is always a possibility.

There are some truly fantastic blogs out there about Outlander and I follow several of them. Recaps of each episode are numerous and most of those people write that sort of thing much better than I do. When I first worked on this blog, it was my choice not to do that. I wanted to write about things I saw in the fandom that were good or bad; things that bugged me or made me happy; things that – to me – could be potential problems. Some people really like what I’ve written, others not so much.

My thing has never been to point out/name specific people. I highlight behavior and actions. At that point “if the shoe fits”…….people pretty much let everyone know where/how they stand on something by their comments. Dialog and discussion is good. Understanding other perspectives helps people develop and grow – my only request is that things be done in a constructive manner, no personal attacks and don’t just argue to argue.

So with that in mind, I want to start writing here again. Spout off about whatever strikes my fancy on a given day. It might be about Outlander – it might not. (Outlander is an awesome set of books a great TV show, but it is NOT the be-all / end-all of my world. Nor is Sam Heughan nice as he is.) I have other interests. Other actors and shows I follow and enjoy. I read LOTS of other authors. I live on a sailboat which is great but has its own challenges. You just never know what I might opine about until you look.

Fair warning: I am not a big proponent of being “politically correct”. I will likely say things that will offend some people. Not that offending anyone is ever my intention, but I speak plainly and have my own standards that don’t always jive with the current politically correct climate. Let me know if I’ve offended, I’ll try to explain better or understand your POV. Attack me, I’ll ignore you.


This has been my introduction to the rest of my blogging…follow or not, I plan to write anyway. I hope I can have some positive impact on at least a few people.



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