Gimme Gimme Gimme

I have to say I am getting very disappointed with the Outlander Fandom. For a group that is supposed to skew more ‘mature’ – we certainly don’t portray that way. The childish rants about ‘I want MORE’ are becoming very tiresome. With Season 2 almost upon us and the hoopla with all going on in New York around April 9th, I almost hate being on social media right now.


What is just as disappointing as the whining and complaining, is the silence from the majority to don’t act or think like spoiled children. I do a post like this and I’m a ‘bitch’ and need to stop telling people what to do. I can’t do anything about others perceptions – but what I am doing from MY perspective is pointing out things that concern or just flat annoy me. We, as fans, have a great show and I am so bloody tired of a few, very vocal brats making the whole fandom look like a bunch of immature ninnies.

One thing to keep in mind….this is a TELEVISION show, not a movie. I don’t know of any other television show, ever, to have a red-carpet premier with stars and fans in attendance….yet we got THREE of them for the first season…..LA, NY and London. Most television shows are screened for premiers by people in the industry and a lucky few to win contests or administer huge fan groups. Never do they get something like that for a second season. That is a FILM/Movie thing – not television. I might be wrong as I don’t watch a lot of TV stuff and am not heavily into many other fandoms – I’m sure people will correct me if needed. I would actually be very interested in discussion on this from people IN the industry that really know. I’d also be interested to see comments from people involved with other fandoms either supporting or tearing apart what I’m seeing here. Legitimate discussion and learning is always good!

From what I have seen – the Outlander fandom has been given unprecedented access to the show and the actors. You can’t have it both ways – you want the show to be filmed quickly so we can see it, for the actors to be able to do other projects so you can see more of them, yet you insist on them showing up to personal appearances all over the place that take time. We seem to have way more merchandise than for any other show, but it’s ‘too expensive’. There are incredibly talented artisans in the Outlander fandom that have created some wonderful items, support them.

Supernatural (as an example) is a huge hit and is on its 11th season (I think….might be 10) It didn’t get fanfare when it started, was very LOW budget and the ‘stars’ didn’t do much for appearances till into 2nd season. Even now…they do cons and not much else. How many Q & A things have the Outlander cast and crew done? Some just impromptu on SM, some filmed.

Black Sails is another big hit for STARZ…..not anywhere near the publicity and actor access that Outlander has. I asked around on a Black Sails site. They got ONE premiere party in LA for the first season and the stars have done a couple of cons….that is IT. STARZ simply doesn’t do ‘fan events’ for Black Sails, or at least the group of fans I talked to didn’t know about it and one of the people is a relative of one of the exec producers of the show. One comment I saw a couple of times from this fandom was wanting merchandise from the show (and it lends itself well to such a thing).

We got very spoiled with how Sony/STARZ brought Outlander into being, but really at this point….they don’t NEED to do a lot more fan ‘events’ that cost thousands of dollars and cut into the actors time – both of which are better spent elsewhere. I’d much rather they spend money on giving us an awesome show and getting it into more markets/countries than doing more ‘events’ that not many people out of a huge fandom can go to (lack of time/money/transport/etc.)

All Sony owes is a great show. They give us that. STARZ or whatever the PR entity is for other countries outside the U.S. owe us publicity to INCREASE the fan base and let us all know when/where to watch and if they manage to get some special stuff going for the fans to enjoy. That’s it. That is the job.

I for one am extremely grateful for all STARZ has done for the fans. All the giveaways around Christmas (I was blessed enough to win that three poster set signed by Sam, Cait & Tobias and they are AWESOME posters – not cheap stuff). I appreciate the marvelous show we are getting and all the bits we get in interviews and videos and ‘extra’ stuff. We as a fandom are very lucky and other fandoms are rather jealous…….might be part of why they vote against us so hard in the polls we spend so much time on.


51 thoughts on “Gimme Gimme Gimme

  1. Sherry Riley says:


  2. clarehoover says:

    Reblogged this on Outlander Ambassadors and commented:
    A Good Read: You may or may not have seen some bad behavior on social media by our fandom but it’s out there. Please use kind words, think before you post. Banter and humor is just fine, a little competition can be fun. We are a CLAN, a FANmily, treat each other and others with RESPECT!

  3. Ivanka says:

    The reason I don’t say anything is because I don’t see it. Sometime ago I unfollowed a majority of outlander fans because of this. I even have to be careful not to read tweets in response to terry dresbach’s tweets because they’re usually so inflammatory and I get really really angry. I want to enjoy the fandom so have to be very selective.

    On the other hand I’m a huge fan of supernatural too. While the whining and complaining isn’t to do with trailers, appearances, star meet/greets, etc. I do see nasty complaining over story lines particularly the “destiel” relationship.

    So, you’re not a bitch for telling people to calm down and chill out. Not at all. Sometimes a cool voice has more effect then the angry voices out there.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thank you….I appreciate that. So, in regard to Supernatural (I love it too – we are watching the series through again to catch up to current. In S6 right now and started watching because of fan interaction on a vote between Misha and Sam! Good fans for SPN inspired me to give it a try)

      ARE there fan ‘events’ and things for SPN? The guys go to cons and are somewhat on SM….but sponsored events? Merchandise? scheduled Q & A’s? I really am curious about this stuff.

      • Ivanka says:

        I would say no for the most part to fan events but the stars, even recurring stars SM’s and the official SM acc’ts are pretty interactive but not on the same level as outlander. And certainly not scheduled q&a. Jared live tweets new episodes often, Jensen the odd time but he’s pretty new to SM in general. When live tweeting goes on the recurring actors often get in on the act too. Merchandise…oh yes! I don’t have much mainly because of munchkin but my bff, who’s a big fan, does. Some official and some high quality fan made stuff.

        I’m currently rewatching SPN too while I wait for the fall release of Season 11 on Blu-Ray. I only due outlander on iTunes (financial reasons) so have to wait.

        Oh also, check out William shatners official Twitter he often live tweets new SPN episodes too just because. I mean he’s never guest starred at all or anything so it’s a real hoot!

  4. Jackie Campbell @jackieincincy says:

    I am lucky to have missed most of the negativity since I can’t do social media 24/7 (darn having to work for a living, gets in the way of all fun). But I am stunned at what Starz and Sony do! Haven’t won anything but there are lots of opportunities. If you can travel and have free time, there are many opportunities to see the actors etc. it is my first fandom experience and while it is great fun, I am amazed at the expectations some have. On the other hand, I think they are just the most vocal. I love the folks who spend their time writing thoughtful blogs, making funny or heart-rending gifs, memes and videos. The ladies who organize the gatherings and local get togethers. They make this a really addictive experience. Cat, Sam and Rik, with their genuine kindness and humor, are fun to watch from a distance. We are very lucky. I went to the Tartan parade last year and it was great fun. Can’t go this year due to work commitments but I am concerned that the onslaught of fans will overwhelm the lovely Scotlish celebration that existed long before Outlander. The members of the group were so good to us last year. Starz is smart to take advantage of the week to promote the show, but I am kind of glad to miss all the masses who will show up for Sam and not for the Celebration that is Tartan Week in a great city.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I hope that won’t be the case. I adore Sam, I do….but I get really tired of it ALL being about Sam. It is a very ensemble cast with Sam AND Cait being out front. I hope the real reason for the celebration and parade won’t get lost just because Sam is the GM.

  5. Thank you for this post. I am tired of the overwhelming immature females acting like they never saw a man’s body before…the objectification of Sam is embarrassing and down right disrespectful. Stalking seems to be a favorite pastime for some under the guise of “fan following.”.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I did a blog about that too LOL. Courtesy and Common Sense….it’s what I try to promote.

      • Dancing!eaf06 says:

        If only others would get it! The disrespectful ad ons to pictures and the so call humor at the actors expense is like nothing I’ve ever seen! I just don’t understand why they behave like this…common sense and respect seems to be heading down the same road along with cursive writing!

      • rynawolfe says:

        A great deal of that sort of thing bothers me too – especially with Sam. He doesn’t need me to defend him – he’s a big boy and very capable – so I try to limit my comments there. I tend to tell it like I see it and some people find me a bit abrasive because I’m willing disagree, but I try to comment on actions and attitudes – not people. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Marilyn McDonald says:

    thank you so much for just being you i am a long time fan of the outlander books and so into the tv show . you are really a joy to read . i feel like a friend thank you again for your insight and mindfulness marilyn mcdonald

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thank you so much….maybe one day I’ll have a tiny fraction of the dedicated fans Diana has. Step one to get published. Glad you like my little corner here!

  7. bwismer5 says:

    Just wanted to thank you Ryna for saying this! We need to simply be grateful because this so is so well done and in fact so much better than we ever could have imagined – during all those years we were devouring Diana’s wonderful books. What a gift this show is! And to have the unprecedented sharing of behind the scenes information. We are being truly blessed. #BeOutlanderKind.

  8. 26LettersAK says:

    I can’t agree with you enough and just want to say please grow up and get a life but realize that is rude so don’t say much as my delivery would do anything but create anger and am determined not to go that way. Just the fact that STARZ is making this show at all is a plus to me. I think the actors need a break once in a while to live their lives and do other things. It doesn’t have to be Outlander all the time does it?!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Erm….I did pretty much say this in a blog a while back. Seems I often write when annoyed – but I chose to make this blog more about what I see in the fandom than about the show itself….there are so many great blogs out there about the SHOW, mine would be superfluous. Thanks for the comment 🙂

      • 26LettersAK says:

        Well, it seems I wasn’t clear in my comment as I meant to say that I see some of the same in fan response though I have cut back on SM after seeing so much negative previously. It had to do with fan expectations and ‘needs’. I agree that some fans feel they are owed maybe because they have a subscription to STARZ so they weigh in and throw their weight around. I suppose in one regard this might be true as it’s their money; however, my feeling is if they think they can create something better, then get a job and do it. It’s disheartening to see all of the hard work done by the OL crew and then see negative stuff in response. Am not sure how to respond to the negatives; so I usually don’t respond. I then appreciate it when you write your blog in response! I suppose a gentle ‘I disagree’ would be fine, but somehow I don’t think it would matter. I think there is more than enough promotion happening for OL basically.

  9. Marie Fraley says:

    In all honesty, everything that Starz has been about and for Outlander is motivated by profit and nothing more. Not art, not generosity, not good will. They are in business and what drives their decisions is the bottom line. Outlander has been a huge boost for them, hence all the promotion.
    On the other hand, Ron Moore, terry Dresbach, Maril Davis, Sam, Caitlin, Tobias and everyone else of cast and crew are all artists interested in telling a great story with highest quality.
    I assume that Ron has to be quite skilled in negotiating with Starz for everything. Cait and Sam do not do events for the fun of it …its part of the job. The difference with them is that they are genuinely lovely, warm people who are generous with their fans.
    Sorry to be cynical, but let’s have a reality check here. I love Outlander too…both books and series. It’s great escapism but really, it’s not life and death.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Of course it’s a business for STARZ! If the show no longer makes money they won’t continue to make it (same with Sony). I’ve said this before. What I was trying to address with this particular post was the complaints that the fans aren’t ‘GIVEN’ enough – STARZ ignores them, and so on. I have to disagree. Yes appearances are part of the contract….and we get so much interaction. All the Q & A’s, the little videos from BTS, we got the Gaelic lessons first season which were awesome….but people have been complaining “Well they should have done French for this season! They are just ignoring us! WAAAA” Sorry, but I took it that they had more important things to be doing with the production than little French lessons and was thankful for what we had. Besides, many people speak French and Gaelic was something totally new and different.

      NO….the show isn’t life or death, but I’m hoping it manages to keep going through all the books….and if it becomes too much of a hassle or people get too turned off by negative to where the show isn’t making money….we lose it. As you said, it’s a matter of money for the companies involved – bottom line. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

  10. Karen says:

    Just a minor comment but there was also a premier event in Glasgow when Amazon primr began showing season 1. Gary and Grant were the stars attending. I do want to say that I don’t see a lot of the negativity but at times when I do I may address it, but for the most part I prefer to lead by example and respond with kindness.

    • rynawolfe says:

      THANKS! I had forgotten! Sometimes ‘addressing’ it means simply countering with positive. If something negative is stated on say the comments section of a poll, then be willing to counter that with positive. Not addressing the person or attacking, countering. I think I put in a blog not long ago about it taking 10 positives to counter 1 negative…..right now it seems the negatives are much louder. Thanks for the comment.

  11. Angela says:

    Thank you for this. I’m not normally a fandom person, but I came to the TV series almost by accident, having read several books of the series & I don’t follow many on Twitter, but there are so many more aspects to the series than just the actors, who I think have done a stunning job, but what about all the people behind the camera without whom we would never get such a brilliant production? I try to avoid the rude people, I’m afraid that I find their posts just infantile & really feel like telling them to get a life. In some of the interviews I have seen by the main actors, they look so tired and drawn. I think that people need to leave them alone & let them get on with their own lives, follow their professional lives by all means, but stop harassing them for goodness sake.

    • rynawolfe says:

      We do have an awesome production team – that is for sure. I bet any kudos they get from the fans are appreciated! I’m careful who I follow on Twitter so I know I’m not seeing the worst of things, which is rather disturbing when you think about it. Thanks for the comment.

  12. H BARKER says:

    Game of Thrones gets even bigger opening events and expensive merch. TWD gets big huge openings and expensive merch as well. The hype must roll in force to keep up with that. I’d rather be avid and have a show than silently appreciate from a distance and let it die….Deadwood, Carnivale, The Borgias etc…

    After reading EVERY word Dr. Gabaldon has published, meeting her on book and acedemic tours and waiting silently for her creative process to unfold, I deserve a little excitement after 25 years. (Insert non appology here)

    • rynawolfe says:

      Sorry – not sure what TWD is. ….Oh! The Walking Dead maybe? (I’m not good with this stuff) Outlander seems to have lots of expensive merchandise – I can’t afford any of it. Not sure what else people could possibly want there. I had honestly never heard of television programs having premiere openings – so this is a weird concept for me. I’m all for people being ‘avid’ fans – vocal and involved…’s the negativity, constant complaints and always wanting more I was addressing. I know many ‘quiet’ fans that put together huge fan gatherings, spend time and energy to make friends and to make the experience of being part of the Outlander fanmily a BLESSING – not constantly wanting to be given more.

      Just as another thought. GoT is in it’s 6th season on HBO – a big hitter with lots of money behind it. TWD is in its 7th Season on AMC, also a fairly big name that’s been around a bit longer than STARZ. Outlander hasn’t even aired it’s SECOND season yet – not so much time to build up merchandise, not as established with the ‘industry’. Let Outlander get to a comparative spot (6th & 7th season) then see if there is something to complain about. Look for another popular show that has only aired ONE season and compare that – see how we do there. Thanks for taking the time to comment – seriously.

  13. SisuZisu says:

    Well said. I find the unfiltered comments, wants and complaints of some fans on SM, and even occasionally at Fan events, astonishing. These are real people, not virtual characters. If what you are saying is not something you’d say to someone face to face, or is a comment you would find upsetting, aggressive or seedy were it aimed at you, then why would you think it’s OK to do it?! IMHO, SM is not the place to let out your inner stroppy kid.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I’ve tried to point that out before…if this isn’t something you would want said to your own loved one….why would you say it to someone else? As I’ve said before ‘Kindness & Common Sense’ – I mean if we can’t do that in a fandom the size of ours, what hope is there for the world at large? Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

  14. Stacey Rotti says:

    Well said!! I just saw some new pics and all the comments were how Sam made a poor choice wearing the hat he had on! Really? I don’t want to comment on some of the posts in the groups because of fear of being lynched by a mob of angry fans!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Yet your comments and opinions should be just as valid. I do know the feeling though – I bite my tongue and delete a lot because certain battles just aren’t worth it. Sometimes though, speaking up is necessary so the negative voice isn’t the only one heard. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment.

  15. Randy Gil says:

    I’ve posted on FB with my opinions about the entitlement issue and won’t repeat here. I’m old enough to remember the days when there was no SM and no way to even dream of anything Starz and SONY does for OL fans. I was a film reviewer for my college paper and was sometimes invited to meet-and-greets after screenings and it was incredibly exciting and intimate, but no one EXPECTED that to happen. It was an amazing GIFT. I hear so much complaining about S&S not doing enough for OL, and then, when they start doing the things that will promote the series and it isn’t all for the fandom I hear complaining about that too. You can’t have it both ways. It can’t be our little secret and a huge hit that gets renewed at the same time. I was planning to go to the parade during Tartan Week long before I heard Sam was going to be the GM, and I too hope it won’t be all about Sam, though I also hope to see him. I don’t need to touch, hug, etc., him. I remember being at a Columbus Day period about 28 years ago when Sophia Loren was the GM. I don’t think there was as much insanity about that as there’s been about Sam, and I have to say she was a much bigger star then than he probably is now in the grand scheme of things. She marched and waved and the crowds cheered and expected NOTHING. Just a thought.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Where on FB did you post? I’d very much like to read what you had to say Randy! Thanks for what you said here! I wish I had more people with experience with the industry to comment and give a straight scoop on things. I would love to see just about any of the cast and several of the production team…but it isn’t likely to happen and that is ok. I’m no one important, don’t have a leadership role in the fandom am not in the business at all (though I hope to be published one of these days) – if I was so privileged to get such an opportunity, I would feel blessed – not entitled to anything. S&S owes me a damn fine show – nothing else. Thank you so much for commenting!

      • Randy Gil says:

        I’ve posted on a couple of the Outlander type pages. Can’t remember where I did yesterday, but basically, I was referring to the fans who were so upset that “everyone” didn’t get to go to the events for the second season, how it was so unfair that only admins were invited. I mentioned how hard admins worked and they deserved any little perk they got. I speak from my daughter’s experience. Some years ago she was an admin fir the official website for Criss Angel (the magician)–his website, not a fan-based site. She was in middle or high school when she first started and after she finished her homework she was online for hours dealing with the posts, some of them amazingly awful. And she was paid nothing and never asked for anything, although Criss and his team kept offering her free merch, etc. She did it because she loved Criss, and she was asked to be an admin because they knew she wasn’t there for anything but to help. Yes, she got extra attention when we showed up at meet-and-greets, and so did I, basically because Criss knew he could trust her not to do anything embarrassing, which even very young girls did at events (I can only imagine the same happening to Sam). Criss and his brothers liked that I was there; a girl who shows up with her mother is safe to hang out with. When we went to events we waited on line, just like everyone else, even though we didn’t have to. When you don’t have your hand out expecting things, you tend to get more. Anyway, my hat is tipped to any site admins–and to people like YOU, who take the time to blog and speak with the voice of reason!

      • rynawolfe says:

        Ah….I know where you were posting…at least some of it. Same thing that finally made me do the blog I think!

        Thank you so much for sharing about your daughter! Quite the mom to have her that responsible at such a young age! Well done! I agree that certain people get known to be trustworthy and so are invited back because they don’t abuse the privilege. It is tough sometimes when people work like she did and don’t get any thanks or appreciation (glad that wasn’t here experience) – but usually the celebs are pretty thankful to have someone with a level head around them.

  16. Jess says:

    We DO NOT have more merchandise than any other show. Doctor Who, Sherlock, Super Natural and The Big Bang Theory all have more merchandise that is easily found at any mall in America.

    You wanna talk about whining and complaining? Go visit a Doctor Who page and ask what the fans think about the current Doctor, what their feelings were about Clara, is Moffet the best or worst thing to ever happen to DW and so on. You’ll get some very, very passionate replies.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I don’t think I said we have MORE merchandise – just a lot for a show that has only aired ONE Season. Doctor Who has been around FOREVER – I mean – hell Jamie came from a DW episode! SPN is in it’s 10th or 11th season – of course they have more merchandise and it can be more easily found. It’s had years to filter into mainstream….Outlander hasn’t. I don’t know anything about TBBT so won’t comment.

      And… to people feel about the whining and complaining on DW? Does it not split the fandom and cause problems? Would it make someone like me who doesn’t really KNOW the show cringe and not want to watch it? I can assure you that is exactly what DID happen – a run in with some really nasty DW fans during the Anglophile vote a year or so ago. It was so bad and they (not all but the VERY vocal minority) were SO nasty that I was turned off ever watching the show. Aside from that….this blog was addressing the entitled mentality that Sony/STARZ should be doing more more more no matter the cost in money or production time. I do appreciate your comment and differing view. Thanks for taking the time to write.

  17. Jenna says:

    I don’t comment on a lot of these things. I have been an Outlander fan since 96′. I live an awesome life where my focus is on family, friends, art, and design. The behavior displayed by this relatively “mature” (that’s right, I’m calling us old) fandom not only actively disgusted me, but I felt personally pushed out by not wanting to 1) jump Sam Heughan’s bones, 2) think Diana Gabaldon is a Goddess and refer to her as Herself, 3) pretend to enjoy Whisky (I actually LOVE whisky and not only have visited many distilleries but I grew up surrounded by open and honest parents who allowed us to taste and appreciate spirits and wine/beer in a safe environment) and 4) dedicate my life to following people WHO I DONT EFFING KNOW. In that capacity, I would have thought that my personal love and joy of the series would be enough to be considered part of this Fandom.

    But I found the petty squabbling and bitchiness of those who have taken on the roles as moderators of Fan Groups to be a black hole that compressed all of that negative energy to the point where any good has been eclipsed by this dense point of entitlement and self righteousness.

    I had to disengage from the Fandom in a last ditch hope that I could find that simple joy I once had for the series. Obviously, it is not everyone, but more than can be silenced.

    Don’t let these people get under your skin. It is not on you to take on the entire group hoping you can change Human Nature. But I do hope your very pointed blog is a wake up call to Outlander fans who do not appreciate how fortunate they are to have such an open relationship with everyone from the Series.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Wow….don’t really have much to say about this than THANK YOU. I totally feel where you are coming from. I’ve made it my little niche to point stuff out in the fandom, so I’ll keep at it. Thank you so much for the response with it’s obvious sincerity and clarity.

      • Jenna says:

        I am grateful that you are a loud and reasonable voice for the Fandom. I only meant, you shouldn’t feel an obligation to be a lone commenter or to let them destroy your happiness.

        Keep on!

    • Dancing!eaf06 says:

      May I say Thank You! Your comment is spot on and I wish more of the “so called fans” could read it…their eyes need opening on how their behavior is unacceptable and down right embarrassing. Again…Thanks!

      • dharshai says:

        Thanks Dancing! I’ve personally thought (and could be wrong) that since a majority of women who have come to this Fandom are older that maybe they are just not knowledgeable about what is acceptable. Are these older women experiencing the euphoric GUSH that comes with finding an online family who finally understand their deep passion for Outlander? Yes! But they are making all those mistakes that more experienced Social Media users made during the Internet’s infancy. Guess, what! I’m totally guilty of it too.

        I was just hoping that the life experiences that came with being older would temper that adolescent urge to isolate, bully, shun, and manipulate.

        It is so refreshing to wade through the Sea and find a tiny little Haven of Reason.

      • Unfortunately, a lot of these women aren’t the older ones….there are plenty of the younger women carrying on even worse! Objectifying Sam and now poor Rik is horrible. I’ve seen one group ( I’ve been kicked out of commenting on their horrible behavior) take poor Sam apart bit by bit and making inappropriate remarks about his body parts. It’s so sad that some people have nothing more substantial to say than the hurtful and childish things they do.

  18. This is my very first “fandom”. I’m currently a fan of a lot; Game of Thrones, Peaky Blinders, Black Sails, Vikings…to name a few. However, “Outlander” and my adoration of the books and Diana is what started my following social media dedicated to “Outlander, the TV series”.

    As a lover of the books, my only expectation is that the writers use them as a roadmap to bring us a good story. That, amazingly, is all that Diana herself expects. What is good enough for the creator of this story is good enough for me. The management and their team of writers, producers, and designers have done that in spades! The outstanding actors, who have completely altered their lives, by the way, to personify those characters have been nothing short of amazing. I doubt seriously they were prepared for this attention…I don’t care what warnings they had. With the immense pressure, I have to wonder how long they will last.

    I now VERY RARELY read social media because it has turned me off of the fandom. I am a mature person (in age and attitude) who loves to be entertained. This whining is certainly not entertainment, and it worries me that people can be so shallow to think it will “improve” the incredible generosity we are afforded by the PEOPLE who bring us this adventure.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my opinion, and for making me aware that I am certainly not alone!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thanks for the comment – you may express your opinion here any time. I don’t ask that people always agree with me, but no being nasty. Courtesy and Common Sense. If you are careful who you follow and what groups you join, SM isn’t too bad – but you can never get away from the negative completely.

  19. Becky says:

    Gosh, all I can say is: Ditto, ditto, ditto…I’m actually surprised I saw this piece as I’ve stopped reading most social media about Outlander. I became so disgusted by the immature posts and squabbles on MULTIPLE fan sites, they started to affect my enjoyment of the show. Not cool. So, I have my tribe. We enjoy together, and that’s it. Starz has, and is, doing a magnificent job with this series. They have taken my favorite characters and the world they inhabit, and brought them to life. I agree with you that they have also allowed the fans of this show unprecedented glimpses at the process, as it happens. — Oh, and I really do have a problem with having quality merchandise, and charging a little more for it vs. total junk. Anyway, nice article.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thank you for taking the time to comment and I’m so glad you found the page. Hope to see you again!

    • Alexandra says:

      What an amazing dinner – yummy!! The prsanetetion was outstanding, I too would have had difficulty destroying the entree, just so visually lovely. The suckling piggie, I was drooling reading all about it, and for some reason now have this massive craving for it!!

  20. Gillian Ferguson says:

    I agree that a lot of the people posting should stop whining & appreciate the job being done on the series we book lover fans waited so long for! The actors are doing a great job, the crews are too – this story is well on the way to being a classic production. Enjoy it, people!

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