Gimme Gimme Gimme

I have to say I am getting very disappointed with the Outlander Fandom. For a group that is supposed to skew more ‘mature’ – we certainly don’t portray that way. The childish rants about ‘I want MORE’ are becoming very tiresome. With Season 2 almost upon us and the hoopla with all going on in New York around April 9th, I almost hate being on social media right now.


What is just as disappointing as the whining and complaining, is the silence from the majority to don’t act or think like spoiled children. I do a post like this and I’m a ‘bitch’ and need to stop telling people what to do. I can’t do anything about others perceptions – but what I am doing from MY perspective is pointing out things that concern or just flat annoy me. We, as fans, have a great show and I am so bloody tired of a few, very vocal brats making the whole fandom look like a bunch of immature ninnies.

One thing to keep in mind….this is a TELEVISION show, not a movie. I don’t know of any other television show, ever, to have a red-carpet premier with stars and fans in attendance….yet we got THREE of them for the first season…..LA, NY and London. Most television shows are screened for premiers by people in the industry and a lucky few to win contests or administer huge fan groups. Never do they get something like that for a second season. That is a FILM/Movie thing – not television. I might be wrong as I don’t watch a lot of TV stuff and am not heavily into many other fandoms – I’m sure people will correct me if needed. I would actually be very interested in discussion on this from people IN the industry that really know. I’d also be interested to see comments from people involved with other fandoms either supporting or tearing apart what I’m seeing here. Legitimate discussion and learning is always good!

From what I have seen – the Outlander fandom has been given unprecedented access to the show and the actors. You can’t have it both ways – you want the show to be filmed quickly so we can see it, for the actors to be able to do other projects so you can see more of them, yet you insist on them showing up to personal appearances all over the place that take time. We seem to have way more merchandise than for any other show, but it’s ‘too expensive’. There are incredibly talented artisans in the Outlander fandom that have created some wonderful items, support them.

Supernatural (as an example) is a huge hit and is on its 11th season (I think….might be 10) It didn’t get fanfare when it started, was very LOW budget and the ‘stars’ didn’t do much for appearances till into 2nd season. Even now…they do cons and not much else. How many Q & A things have the Outlander cast and crew done? Some just impromptu on SM, some filmed.

Black Sails is another big hit for STARZ…..not anywhere near the publicity and actor access that Outlander has. I asked around on a Black Sails site. They got ONE premiere party in LA for the first season and the stars have done a couple of cons….that is IT. STARZ simply doesn’t do ‘fan events’ for Black Sails, or at least the group of fans I talked to didn’t know about it and one of the people is a relative of one of the exec producers of the show. One comment I saw a couple of times from this fandom was wanting merchandise from the show (and it lends itself well to such a thing).

We got very spoiled with how Sony/STARZ brought Outlander into being, but really at this point….they don’t NEED to do a lot more fan ‘events’ that cost thousands of dollars and cut into the actors time – both of which are better spent elsewhere. I’d much rather they spend money on giving us an awesome show and getting it into more markets/countries than doing more ‘events’ that not many people out of a huge fandom can go to (lack of time/money/transport/etc.)

All Sony owes is a great show. They give us that. STARZ or whatever the PR entity is for other countries outside the U.S. owe us publicity to INCREASE the fan base and let us all know when/where to watch and if they manage to get some special stuff going for the fans to enjoy. That’s it. That is the job.

I for one am extremely grateful for all STARZ has done for the fans. All the giveaways around Christmas (I was blessed enough to win that three poster set signed by Sam, Cait & Tobias and they are AWESOME posters – not cheap stuff). I appreciate the marvelous show we are getting and all the bits we get in interviews and videos and ‘extra’ stuff. We as a fandom are very lucky and other fandoms are rather jealous…….might be part of why they vote against us so hard in the polls we spend so much time on.