Outlander Season 2 – Some Thoughts

This popped up on Twitter

Season 2 tweet

I responded easily, but it got me to thinking, which means I needed to write so you can blame this one on Jen!


What am I most excited for in regard to Season 2? The experience – all of it.

Will “The Team” (meaning Ron and the writers and anyone with a hand in putting this show on the air) follow the book exactly? Of course not. It simply isn’t possible to cram DiA into less than 13 hours of television. Will “The Team” put out a good series that uses DiA as its base and guide? Yes I believe so. Will I like every single thing that they do? Probably not – but that is a personal preference not a slight on their decisions for the show.

I look at it this way. Season 3 of Black Sails starts in a short time. I’m very excited about that! I have back story and a ‘relationship’ with these characters now, but rather than locking myself into an idea of where the story ‘should’ go in my opinion, I want to just jump in, go for the ride and let the story take me where it will. Same with The 100 (which I found thanks to one of our votes BTW).

It’s a bit more difficult with Outlander because we DO have the story already. Diana did a fabulous job with DiA and it is many people’s favorite book in the series. I loved it once I got over the WTF moment of how the book opened. I don’t, however, want my love of the book Diana wrote to diminish my enjoyment of the series. I purposely have not read the books since MOBY came out. I remember the story and where it goes but not every tiny detail, so have been able to enjoy the series for itself. Have I liked everything done in the series? No. But I don’t like every detail of the other two I mentioned or any other series I’ve gotten involved in over my lifetime.  As the story progresses I usually find that there was a purpose for that thing I didn’t like and it all works out. Just my observation and I trust “The Team” to make this a great series – not a word for word/scene for scene copy of the books.

Beth Wesson did a great blog about ‘New Beginnings’ – (Click the link).

That covers a lot of what I wanted to say and she has such a great way of writing!


The series has given me some new perspectives on this story that I love. Sam & Caitriona may not be exactly what I had physically pictured in my head for Jamie and Claire, but they, by virtue of being living breathing people, have given a new depth to those characters. I don’t know if I’ll picture them when I go back to read the books again – more their expressions I think. The actors captured the essence of the characters for me, which is far more important than their physical characteristics. When I do go back and read, I’ll see the story with fresh eyes and new perspective because I have interacted with so many fans and seen “The Teams” vision as it unfolded onto the screen. I can only ever comment on my perspective. Mine isn’t right or wrong, only mine.

The only absolute authority on the world of Outlander is the author. Diana Gabaldon has written a rich, complex world layered with real history. She can’t be ‘wrong’ about something she wrote because it is her creation. It lives in her head. We each bring to our reading or viewing our own history, experience and ideas. We each view it differently because of that – but ultimately it is an individual perception not necessarily what the author had in mind. Sharing those different ideas is awesome and lends a varied perspective for another to consider – but doesn’t make any one of us more ‘right’ than any other.


So, I am looking forward to embracing the experience of Outlander Season Two in all its glory. The sets, the costumes, the intrigue, the love and yes, even what might be seen a major deviations from ‘the book’. I don’t care. It’s going to be a hell of a ride with stellar acting, a marvelous story and all those wonderful details that make this such a great show!


8 thoughts on “Outlander Season 2 – Some Thoughts

  1. tealrose1 says:

    I am in your camp. Let’s enjoy both and try NOT to compare them too closely if at all. They are different. And if we wanted or expected an exact blow by blow, word by word show… we are setting ourselves up for a disappointment.

    GREAT stuff Madam Wolfe !!!


  2. Barbara says:

    Still laughing about the WTF moment when DIA opened! I remember almost falling out of my chair and looking at the cover more than once, to be sure it was really DIA! Then I thought, seriously, that I must have simply misread the ending of Outlander; even went back over it.

    And you’re right that no one’s vision of the series (or the books for that matter), is right or wrong; only their vision. The fandom cannot be reminded of that too often in my opinion.

    Season two looks like it is wrapped in velvet in a bed of spring flowers, it looks so lush and beautiful. At least until the war. I’m going to try and “get into” Black Sails (have never watched) and pass the time.

    Super blog again!

  3. Kyle Stryker says:

    Thank you for saying publicly what we have talked about for a while now. As you know, I have not gotten into most of the “fan stuff” surrounding outlander except for a few choice occasions(thank you Àdhamh Ó Broin for the Gaelic lesson). The primary reason as you know is that I get supremely irritated with how some of the fandom reacts to perceived slights and how others can be so vicious and demeaning to anyone that seems to have a different opinion than theirs. I am enjoying the series immensely keeping in mind that “it is, what it is”. No slight on the “team” there, as they are doing a fantastic job, it’s just not even remotely possible to cram everything in the books into a series and I would be disappointed if they tried. I VALUE the vision the whole team has for this experience and their dedication to bringing the best possible version to the screen while exploring their perceptions of the story line. That takes nothing away from the books. If anything, in my opinion, it adds value to the books allowing me to stretch, and sometimes even change my perspective on what I have read. So wonderfully thought provoking. Thank you for bringing your attention to this matter into the public. You are not alone. I know, I may be biased 🙂

  4. Sandra Ward says:

    Loved the books since 1992. The series is a joy to watch – visually the colors, scenery, costumes, the stars. Intellectually it does not disappoint. Diana’s words, mannerisms still hold true. The characters are played by actors, not just people saying lines, but actors that take you to the places the books do. Could not be more pleased with all. Sam, in my 69th year has put a quicker step in my life with his sheer enthusiasm and Peak Challenge. Having it tied to a charity only enriches the ride.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I agree – the fandom has done some truly wonderful things in the last few years and not just in Sam’s name. There is a page on this blog site that shows the charities various on support if you are interested. Thanks for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it.

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