Have just found out today, 8 October 2015, is National Poetry day. I wrote this a few days ago so I’ll share.


Time stops…..

The sweep of lashes over passion filled eyes
The quiver of a tear suspended on a cheek
An infants tiny fingers curled around their adult counterpart
A leaf floating on a fall breeze
A cat pressed head to head with its human
A puppy sprawled belly up in the joy of grass
The flash of rainbow color, sunlight caught by prism
Brilliant hummingbird poised over beautiful blossom
An eagle that seems to hang suspended in the sky
The dolphin in a playful leap above the water


but time doesn’t stop

Hundreds……thousands…..nay millions of these moments happen every minute of every day.

How many do we miss in our struggle to be bigger, better, faster, more popular….noticed.


Take time to capture a few of these moment miracles every day. Find them. Heal your spirit ~ share with others.

Cherish life – one  small moment at a time.


One thought on “TIME STOPS

  1. tealrose1 says:

    Beautiful! The truth is we should see these moments and hold them precious as time passes so quickly and never mind tomorrow, even our next minute isn’t guaranteed! These special moments lift our spirits and fill our souls with love, hope and memories. We should cherish them.

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