Would love an “In Death” series – Who for Eve/Roarke?!

The “In Death” Series by J. D. Robb (aka Nora Roberts)

During an extended visit to my dad, I was looking for reading material. I finished the novel I was writing and wanted a nice break. My aunt had gotten my dad hooked on this series so he had most of the books there waiting to be read. This particular series moved very quickly when I ran a book department, but I had not gotten around to them in my huge list of things I wanted to read.

I am having a great time with this series, love the characters and am currently on book 25 out of 40! These are murder mysteries that carry the same characters throughout the series. For most of the books it takes me 3/4 of the way through, at least, to figure out ‘who done it’. This is good as I can usually figure it out earlier than that and I love a challenge! In some of the books, the who is given early on, but the how and why is very elusive. One of my favorite things in these books, however is the character interaction. The characters are layered and ‘real’ – they grow and evolve as the series is progressing. Being set a bit into the future lets the author have a bit of fun with things too.

Eve Dallas is the lead character; a tough as nails homicide cop who has a lot of personal demons to deal with every time she walks on a scene. She’s been alone most her life and, as the series is progressing, is slowly starting to get a small, loyal group of friends around her that she isn’t quite sure what to do with. She’s a good cop with a sixth sense of getting inside the bad guys heads.

Roarke is Eve’s counterpoint in the books. Irish, brought up in very rough circumstances and chose not so legal ways of making his fortune. Tall, dark, handsome & rich – he’s more than a bit dangerous both to Eve and any that would hurt her. Robb has written some smoking sex scenes between these two, but it’s also appropriate to who the characters are and, while well done, doesn’t overpower or detract from the stories. (I mean, my dad reads these!) Roarke is a very complex and layered character that struggles between who he has always been; stepping over, around and sometimes through the law to achieve his goals – and this ‘by the book’ cop he suddenly can’t seem to live without. It is not always an easy pairing.

There is a medley of supporting characters that are unique and intrinsic to each story. These characters, too, travel through the books adding depth and a growing sense of family. The interaction between all the characters is a huge part of what keeps me reading these books. A person could probably pick up any of these books to read and enjoy it as a standalone story, but starting at the beginning and working through is preferable to get the ongoing story of the characters in order.

I don’t tend to get hard ‘pictures’ of characters in my head – probably why I didn’t flip out at the casting for Outlander. I have a sense of the character more than a face or an exact body type. I got to thinking though, there are plenty of books for several seasons of episodes; who could I see as Eve & Roarke if this were a series or movie. This is what I came up with.


Cobie Smulders plays Maria Hill on the Avengers movies. She seems (to me) to have about the right body type and height to play the kick ass Eve, though here hair would have to change to a mixed brown. She can definitely do the attitude and the moves that Eve is so known for.

For Roarke?


Now my guy came up with a this thought for Roarke……must admit, the idea is growing on me.

Zach-McGowan-23 with credit
I could see Zach McGowan as Roarke…. the more I think about it the more I like it. 🙂

You can learn more about the books HERE



One thought on “Would love an “In Death” series – Who for Eve/Roarke?!

  1. Becca says:

    Though I don’t see Sam as Rourke (having read many in the In Death series), I agree with your observations about the characters, the sense of family and all interactions. I keep meaning to get back to reading them so thanks for the reminder.

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