Difference of Perspective



Mea culpa – my last post wasn’t my finest hour. It was very truthful and honest, but could have been done better. I got mad/fed up and was in a hurry. I am actually away from home for six weeks visiting my father and we were heading out to an overnight with his sister whom I haven’t seen in several years. No excuse for putting something out to the public that wasn’t more balanced. Word of warning – it will probably happen again. I do have a temper & not always great at keeping it in check.

In thinking over what I had written and having a Twitter discussion with a couple of people (thanks @bonchette and @SigrunAislinn for the chat!), I thought perhaps I should put my money where my mouth is. See if I can’t prove the point I was trying to make with my last and a couple of other blogs.

Contrary to what many may believe – I don’t have total harmony with the show. There are actually things I would have liked to have seen done differently – I just decided there was nothing I could do about it so why fuss. But perhaps being someone who can ‘discuss’ a difference of opinion but working to keep it positive will help. I don’t know – but here are a couple of things ‘different’ from the book’ I wanted to point out.

One is actually a positive change. When I read the book I always took it that Colum and Dougal were of the same mind when it came to Jamie and the possibility of him being an option to succeed Colum. It never occurred to me that the laird might have seen Jamie as the best option for the clan. It threw a whole new perspective on that aspect of the story and I’m going to be really interested to go back and re-read with this idea in my head.


Now for the thing I’m not happy about. As a disclaimer, it has been a couple of years since I read the books (was busy writing my own and was focused on other types of reading during that). I may be off in how I remember something – in which case I’m quite sure there will be someone to correct me.  *grin*


I didn’t like the make-up sex scene after Claire’s being disciplined by Jamie (please let’s not jump into that discussion again – it’s been done and then some).


First….pulling a dagger/knife whatever on Jamie while making love/having sex just seems – completely out of character for Claire. Not that she threatened him with it – but the timing. Any man would agree to anything at that point just to be allowed to finish so it really makes the vow pretty lame. I thought it weakened the character and her position. Made it seem petulant and a bit cheap.

They simmered much longer in the series before they sorted this problem out. These are both willful, strong, intelligent people – I don’t think either of them would let things stew that long making it worse.

If I remember correctly, the men/clan – made it very clear by their actions that she was being shunned because of the danger she had put them all in. She was in trouble with them (rightly so). By choosing to focus on Jamie and Claire completely for this, we lost out on a valuable piece of who Claire becomes in this new place. I felt this interaction was important – the men all teasing her the next morning, quietly at first and more as the day went on. Patting her ass which likely hurt a bit, but also acknowledging that she had taken her punishment and done it well. She had their respect and forgiveness. They all had excuses to get off their horses many times during the day to give her breaks. She was one of them and they would take care of her.

As they walk, Jamie tells her about his own upbringing (didn’t have so much issue with them cutting this – I liked it but very time consuming). It was as they were walking that she pulls the knife on him and he takes that same knife/dagger to make his vow to her. To take the iron he had been threatened with and make his oath by/on that made a strong statement – not so much when it was turned and the iron he had vowed on not to lay hands on her in anger ever again was turned on him as a threat.

To me, the ‘make-up sex’ wasn’t nearly as important as the vow and how it comes about. Sam & Cait do an amazing job with the intimate scenes and I do enjoy them very much – but I don’t NEED them at the expense of other things.

Having said this, I can see some possible reasons why Ron did things the way he did. This put some intense focus squarely on the relationship between Claire & Jamie and combined the scenes of the vow with the make-up sex. As I’ve said many times it’s a matter of balance between a really long book that can’t be put verbatim on the screen and a series that will play well to the TV audience for the station it’s on. While this is, for me personally, one of my least favorite sequences, it was still extremely well done and there are many others that really liked it. For the viewers that haven’t read the books – they don’t know the difference so either liked it or not on its own merits having nothing to do with what is written in the book.



So that is my humble opinion about something I’m not happy with in the show. It’s a small thing, but it was important to me. I chose to acknowledge it and not let it ruin the rest of the show for me.





4 thoughts on “Difference of Perspective

  1. Katrina says:

    I knew it was done differently so it didn’t bother me as I knew the book version so had that understanding of what it meant.

    I think they did need that sex scene. This is a very physical couple and their sex is one of their ways they always show each other their hurt/anger/desperation and need.

    There are definitely things I would love to see in show that may or may not make the cut. But they will always exist in the book. So I just accept the show and supplement with book if need be. On occassion the show even does or brings something to the scenes to make it better.

    But you speak the truth in that everyone reads the book differently and sees the show through their own experiences.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Huge debate over the sex scenes. I’ve seen comments that there is too much, not enough and everything in between. That was just one of those things that, to ME, I would have liked to have seen differently but was perfectly ok with how Ron and team did it. Thank you so much for you comment – I love discussion!

  2. BG says:

    I do agree with your first point that Collum may see Jamie as a better prospect for Laird than his brother Dougal. Dougal saw Jamie’s popularity with many members of the clan when he didn’t make the oath to MacKenzie, but his reasoning was accepted by Collum. Jamie is popular with many of the clan for people skills and a sense of honour and fairness. Claire even mentions to Murtagh he would make a good Laird. Dougal also sees Jamie as a threat to his (Dougal’s) accession to power when Collum dies. All know that Collum is on borrowed time.
    Collum has shown that his primary goal is the safety and prosperity of clan MacKenzie.
    As for your second point, I understand your reservations. However, in the book, Jamie did tell Claire that he wouldn’t/couldn’t be gentle ( I read it as rough sex) when they resumed having sex at Castle Leoch after the “Learghaire” misunderstanding. (I can never spell her name correctly, sorry)
    In the series I believe Claire putting the sword to Jamie’s throat prior to the sex act was meant to show a reversal of power. Claire initiated a form of rough sex as opposed to what might be seen as the usual seen in tv series. Jamie even makes “ow” sounds post coitus, and refers to bedding a vixen.
    Sorry for the long post, just my take on what has been shown.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I do not mind long posts in the least. I will always encourage discussion here and all opinions are valid. My only rule is that they be presented in sensible manner. I don’t even mind swearing (too much) long as it is appropriate to what is being said and not every other word. Common sense and courtesy.

      What you read as rough sex a lot of people (not me I agreed with you) saw as ‘rape’…. Claire said stop and he didn’t. And I can see Claire initiating ‘rough sex’ in the series, no issue there. I just thought pulling a knife on him when they were already joined and in the act just…cheapened the vow he’d already made. That is just my take. The scene was well done, just one of my personal least favorites. A lot of people loved it and that’s ok.

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