Grow the %*&# up!


This is not at all what I had planned to put out next – but it is quick and dirty and I’m leaving for another leg of family visiting for a couple of days and am not taking the laptop (ACK).




For all the positive *kissing ass* and *shitting rainbows* that has been going on the last few days, which I will proudly take some of the credit for, there are still a few brats that are ticking me off. I’m going to address this one last time and I’m not going to be so nice. Be warned.

OH! Really cool side note! There is a new face book page out there for us Arse-kissers. Look it up!

Now then – I am getting extremely irritated with the bratty children of the fandom and their tantrums. Not only are you ruining the series for yourself (argue that all you want it is exactly what you are doing by being so focused on it not following your perfect vision) you make life miserable for other fans and are a potentially huge turn OFF to people who don’t know the books and might really enjoy the series until they read comments like ‘Ron and the writers are totally RUINING the story! It’s awful/horrible/etc. They LIED to us and never intended to make a faithful adaptation – Jamie is an immature shadow of himself – not even worth watching’………………..

To be fair, what I wrote above is paraphrased and all run together, but in the last few weeks I have SEEN those very comments. I didn’t copy them down at the time – but they totally ticked me off. If I were someone just checking out the show on a web-story – I’d never turn it on reading things like that.

And right now a contingency is starting to whine and say ‘There she goes – not allowed to express ourselves, give OUR opinion, talk against DG/Ron/the show/other fans………………………..’ Shut the F*CK up! Of course you can do all that – but for a change use your grown-up words instead of acting like a spoiled 3 year old.

Below is a comment I saw on another blog. I copied it exactly. I’m not going to say what blog it came from or who wrote it. It is the tone I want to point out. Below that comment was the response I came up with. However, I cut it down considerably when I posted it as that was someone else’s space and I didn’t feel it was fair to get into a pissing match there

She earns a lot of money with this series too… Why she would speak ill about it? I respect her on some issues, but she’s forgetting that the series and all the success only exists because of book readers. These readers, that she said to “leave the book aside” … a lack of respect for readers, a lack of respect for her work as well. She should have more respect for her fans. What was that conversation with Terry on twitter? A lack of respect for those who bought their books for years. I’ll understand if you don’t post my comment, after all, everyone who speaks against Diana today, don’t deserve respect, right?

“It isn’t your disagreeing or speaking against Diana that tends to tick people off – it’s HOW you go about it. That whiney comment you closed with made me and probably 90% of anyone reading it throw out what you had said previous to it as a childish tantrum.

You say Diana is disrespecting the readers of the books. If you want to take it that way it is your prerogative. I (and many, many others) took it that Diana was asking people to see the series as a separate entity based on her books. Can she come across arrogant? Yep. Does she care that her personality can rub people the wrong way? Doesn’t seem to. Does this bother ME? Not a bit….. why? Because I don’t take her suggestion I put the book aside to enjoy the show on its own merits as a personal attack and because she doesn’t owe me anything. She wrote a book – I chose to buy and read it. Contract over.

Is she doing well because of Outlander and all the associated stuff that goes with it? HELL YES – Bloody hell I hope my writing can bring in a fraction of what she does. Given that, could she easily afford to speak up if she is NOT happy with something? Yes again. She doesn’t NEED this show to make her money.

I truly feel sorry for you and others that feel you have to lash out at Diana, other fans, the series, and the people involved with it because it isn’t exactly ‘your’ way. It’s really very sad. That you don’t like it or disagree is fine – say that! State your case, say why you are disappointed – but be a grown up about it! Honest to god – it isn’t you being frustrated or disappointed with the show I’ve ever had an issue with, it’s the coming across like a spoiled princess that got an emerald tiara instead of the sapphire and is throwing a tantrum about it. You want people to pay attention and take your feelings and frustrations seriously? Present them that way and maybe you’ll get the respect you keep demanding instead of earning.”

You want to be heard; voice your frustrations and disappointments with the show. Cool – do that – but can you please act like an adult so it can generate good debate rather than just pissing people off? I’m being really harsh here – I freely admit I have a temper and it’s a bit loose at the moment. This whole thing just steams me.

I encourage debate and discussion. I will often play devil’s advocate just to stimulate that. But you have to ‘discuss’ things not have bitch fest. There are closed groups on FB and probably other places (DM on Twitter) where if you want to just bitch and moan I say go for it – in a private forum where it won’t affect possible future fans and make the show and fandom look bad. The whiny, snotty comments only serve to hurt that which these people swear they are trying to protect. The books. Many many people are coming to the books through the show and the vast majority of those people LIKE the show. If you turn them off by how you phrase things they will miss out on that.

If you are that unhappy with it……STOP WATCHING! It really is that simple. Stick to the books that you love and can picture your perfect way where no one can mess with it in your head.

EDIT: A note to the other side. Everyone has a right to their thoughts and opinions. My rant here is for those who can’t seem to express themselves in a grown up, positive way. That goes for BOTH sides. I have seen some defenders of the show be just as rude to some people expressing themselves and their disappointment and doing it very well that get lambasted. Not cool. We can all agree to disagree and discuss our differences of opinion without resorting to being nasty or being so overly dramatic that it actually negates the point.

BE KIND! Be EXCELLENT to each other! At the end of the day we are all in the same fandom and want the Outlander Books & series to do well. My only push for nasty venting in more private areas rather than public (like Twitter & in the comments sections of articles) is to not totally turn people off to the show before they have a chance to decide for themselves. I ran into a gal in a thrift book section looking for Outlander because she found the series and just fell hard for it – thought Ep16 was really well done and that the love between Jamie & Claire was palpable and looked forward to his continued healing in the future. It really is (for the most part) working for non-book readers.

I encourage all comments here – however – just spitefulness and hatefulness will be deleted. If you want to make an intelligent argument/comment – I welcome that!

I had a stupendous response to my last blog and I’m very humbled by that and appreciate it very much – I hope people will continue to come here and enjoy my random thoughts. I promise the next post will be way more positive! Also – I am going to try to stick this advice –



23 thoughts on “Grow the %*&# up!

  1. Cindy B says:

    I took a deep breath in and sighed thankfully after I finished reading this blog. On TW and Facebook since the finale there has been so much whining and rudeness that I have had to put the phone down or close the laptop because of the negativity that just emanates from them. While everyone is obviously allowed to have opinions, I’d love to tell some people to CHILL OUT or get a new hobby or a life or something! I am happy to fangirl and freak out with excitement over the Emmy buzz surrounding Outlander right now… and squeee over the pix and posts that Sam, Cait, Ron, Starz or anyone else shares from Season2 shooting. But I refuse to engage with several people as of late who have berated me for not getting book details EXACTLY right… or just want to argue incessantly over details that I could care less about, but they are losing their minds over. Get a grip people! That is all…. whew… feel better now. And thank you for posting this blog!! Oh and have fun visiting with family! 🙂

    • rynawolfe says:

      Hey! So glad you felt you could express yourself here. I really seriously don’t mind people expressing their opinions – even when it is frustration, disappointment, even anger – but do it in a grown-up, respectful of OTHER opinions, and a comment/discussion rather than a hissy fit. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment!

  2. Beth Case says:

    I love you even more now. (in a heterosexual platonic kind of way)

  3. Sharon Blum says:

    Well said# I live the books! I LOVE the series! I am sick and tired of the whiners!

  4. drewallace57 says:

    Keep up your terrific work! You’re not alone in speaking out against this ludicrous backlash against R. Moore in spite of all he, his crew & Diana G. have done to make this show as successful as it’s been. I applaud your passion!

  5. sassypants25 says:

    I can’t express to you how much I respect EVERYTHING you just said! You may not remember (because you DID get such a wonderful response) I told you my brief thoughts on adaptation being needed to separate the forms and people will never get 100% in there….you’re lucky if you get 60%. This might be a losing battle….but you’re mentality will win the war.

    • rynawolfe says:

      The actress right? 🙂 I chose, continue to choose, to see the book totally separate from the show and enjoy it for it’s own merit. Does that mean I absolutely adore everything done – no. I think that is obvious from my post. That scene they changed was important and meaningful to ME. However – I won’t let that ruin the experience of the series for me. Thanks for commenting again! Sorry it took so long to respond – I went for a side visit and had no computer for a couple of days.

  6. Kyle says:

    Hmm….I agree completely, but….. I’m sure that tis will piss a lot of people off. So be it. Come on people! I’ve seen the responses to this blog, and I know the number of people that check it out. I am in agreement here and while very “blunt:, this post is “spot on”!!!!

    Full support from this quarter, as you know. and keep the blog posts coming.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I haven’t had any really negative so far (at least none I’ve SEEN *grin*) but it didn’t get anywhere near the exposure my last one did. Probably good – it really was a bit of a rant. You know I appreciate your support – very much.

  7. Katrina says:

    Well said. It is fine to have an opinion. But it is all in the delivery. Plus the loudest voices lately to my mind have been those who hate Diana/Ron/Jamie/Claire all the fans and anything to do with show.

    If itis bringing you no joy find a show that does. Just stick to the books. Why stick around to criticise excessively something you think is wrong.

    I don’t like anything about FSOG so I don’t involve myself in that fandom. I certainly don’t start FB pages to put down people who like it.

    I would rather be an ass kisser than so arrogant that I thought I could do better. There are different sections of the books we all would love to see brought to life but reality is there is limited time. The show is based on the books not a replica. They are doing a pretty great job if you ask me of really bringing the essence of it all to life.

    It has actually enhanced my rereading of books. If you don’t like it it is fine to say hey I would have loved this or that to happen instead. But to just attack anybody outlander with demands about how none of them know anything is simply ridiculous. Makes you look foolish to spout vitriol everywhere.

    Christ how about just enjoying it for what it is. If not as I said find something you do enjoy and stop pissing in everyones weeties.

    • rynawolfe says:

      And I hope that came across from me….I can appreciate that these people aren’t happy and want to express that – but to do it in such a negative and hurtful way is just not grown-up behavior. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment, I appreciate the support.

  8. Chris Fey says:

    I agree. Nicely said. Nothing else to say!

  9. tealrose1 says:

    Absolutely !! Blunt is one thing … rude is another. Well written .. agree totally. The only people this will piss off .. are the rude … and those who need a reality check.

    So glad someone else is grown up enough too to see through the hateful crap that some people write!

  10. BG says:

    Well said. Nothing more to add. If I do I’ll get snarky with the negators and that won’t be productive.

  11. Peigi says:

    Thanks for saying so well what many/most of us are thinking!

  12. NorahBrink says:

    don’t you dare apologize for writing this; it needed to be said. The arrogance and entitlement is mind blowing. Be a grown-up or be quiet.

    Thanks again

  13. Beth, I totally agree with you. The whiners are still at it. I”m on the group Outlander Series, and sometimes it is hard not to read the comments made by them. All they want are Jamie and Claire and nothing else. I wonder if they will ever be pleased with the show?

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