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You all can blame this particular post on our consummate costumer Terry Dresbach. She asked a question on Twitter, which prompted a discussion, which gave me that frustration of 140 characters. So here we go. (Just a note – I am generalizing what I have seen and experienced as I don’t want to point fingers directly at anyone. If the shoe fits………………)


Terry Dresbach @draiochta14: question. I was reading DG’s FB page this morning. Do most of you expect that reporters read any book they are doing an interview about or a show based on a book?

This prompted a good little discussion (though poor Terry seems to be fighting with Twitter again) about expectations and how to counter interviewers or reviewers that really have no clue. Many of the fans have worked to ‘correct’ misconceptions or flat out bad information in the comments sections of various articles or interviews. This is great – as long as it’s done right. That thought made me think of all the various articles, interviews, blogs and tweets I’ve seen and a huge frustration and honestly, big concern for me.

As Diana said in the conversation that ensued above, ANY publicity is an opportunity for us as fans/supporters to put a positive spin on things and get GOOD information out there for others to see. The better we come across and the more interesting we make the show, the more people will give it a try.

I have written other blogs about being nice to each other in the fandom and staying positive. That goes for the interviewers and critics/reviewers as well. The very best way we can keep the show strong and on the air is to have huge numbers of fans/viewers. The books, Diana’s awesome gift to us, will always be there. We won’t lose those no matter what happens which is very cool. We CAN lose the show by being stupid.

I am a huge proponent of people being able to voice their opinions of the show. I get that there are some disappointments and frustrations with how Ron and the team have chosen to portray certain things, what to put in and what to leave out. Voice that! But for the love of all that is holy DO IT RIGHT!

Diana and Terry both voiced disappointment with not being able to see the hot springs scene, but they did it with class and put a very positive spin on it. I’m paraphrasing here (hoping these two great ladies will forgive me). ‘I was disappointed that a favorite scene from the book couldn’t be included in the series. I understand it just wasn’t logistically possible and the story was still carried beautifully. It’s still there for me to enjoy in the books’. Or something like ‘someone can always find that particular scene in the books if they want to see it’. Disappointment but a positive spin/plug for the show. We NEED to do this.

I want true fans to ‘gently correct’ a misconception or bad information in an article, but if you get pissy with the writer, they may quit writing and the show needs the exposure. Any comments section is a way for us, as fans, to support the show and make sure we are putting out a good image that will attract people and new viewers – perhaps down the road new readers.

However, I have seen many comments over the last couple of months especially that just make me cringe. Many times I have seen comments that, if I were just trying to find out information on the show, I wouldn’t watch it. Comments about how Ron is doing it WRONG, too much violence, not enough of the romance, changing it too much….blah, blah blah, blah blah………………..Why would anyone want to try tuning in this show with those kind of comments out there!

If we as fans of the books or just fans of the show want to keep the series running, we have to be positive and supportive. That is not to say you can’t express an honest opinion – but do it in a positive way! This is absolutely vital for interviews/articles where comments can be made.



If all you can think of to say comes out as whiny, negative, nasty or bitchy, please do the fans and the series a favor and step away from the keyboard. Save it for private conversations or closed FB groups or something where it can’t get out and be negative for the series.

Twitter: see above. Twitter is so public and things spread so incredibly fast – and keep going for days sometimes! I understand wanting to express frustration and disappointment, but when done negatively that gets picked and turns off potential new viewers/fans. What you are disappointed with, someone else may love and you are robbing them of the opportunity by potentially turning them off before they can see for themselves.

I’ve also seen comments on articles like this: “I was thinking about watching this, but after seeing the comments here, I’ll pass”. How very sad that a book fan’s frustration at something not being done on the show exactly as they envisioned it from the book has turned someone off to watching the series; which means they will likely never read the books and miss this wonderful story completely.

I’m not big into FB so not sure how well things spread there, but I know there are ‘private’ groups where a person could whine and bitch and moan all they want without causing issues for the show or potential viewers. If other people can comment on Instagram or Vine or Reddit or whatever, please do as I don’t participate in ANY of these particular platforms so don’t know.

Even blog posts – I do this! I get that a blog is a person’s personal views and thoughts and opinions. I’m so glad we have this option and voice! I would never want to discourage people from voicing their opinions. Absolutely the same for comments made on such blogs. All I ask is, when you write – do think about what you are saying, the message you are putting out and the consequences of what you are writing. If you want to discourage people from even watching the show – I guess it doesn’t matter. If however you want to see the show succeed and continue, please word your criticisms and disappointments in such a way that it can still be a positive possibility.

Example……………………….let’s see……………………ok a complaint I’ve seen a LOT in the last week or so having to do with how much time was spent on Jamie’s rape vs his healing with Claire. (I personally was fine with how this went but it’s been a big issue so I’ll use it for my example.)

“It was hard to see so much abuse dished out by BJR on Jamie and not have more healing for him. While knowing how that scene could have been done differently on screen, I can also see how important it would be for people who haven’t read the book to really understand and see and experience just how broken Jamie is at the end of that torture and how badly BJR messed with is head. I’m sure the writers will address Jamie’s healing in the early episodes of S2. There is so much more to that bit that the series just didn’t have time for! I hope people will pick up the books and experience it in full.”

Basically – if we want to see the show keep going through all the books, we need to be positive and supportive of it, even if we (as book readers) might be a bit frustrated or disappointed with things. We simply must remember, while Ron is being very faithful to the spirit of the book and characters for the ‘book fans’ he is also making a television show with a very different sort of audience and has to create something that appeals to that kind of fan base if the series is to remain viable for Sony/STARZ.

One final little note. I am getting irritated with comments from people telling me (and others like me) that I am ‘kissing ass’ (Ron’s, Diana’s etc.) or shitting rainbows and butterflies or other similar snotty remarks because I support and am positive about the show. Deal with this people….I LIKE IT! I like what Ron and Terry and the writers are doing. It’s new, it’s fresh, and it is excellent television while staying true to the spirit of the book. Its drama that will draw people in and get them hooked – if they are smart and/or readers they will pick up the books (many have). Much as you don’t want to see this, if the show focused solely on J & C and their ‘great epic love’ – it wouldn’t do so well. Ron’s vision is a great balance and I trust him to continue that through the life of the series.


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  1. Kathy says:

    Hey Ryan, thanks for all of your positivity! I absolutely agree with that old adage “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”. Just imagine a world without “seeing” Herself’s vision. It’s been decades of waiting and it could have been many more simply never! I love seeing Ron’s and Terry’s and Maril’s and Bear’s and all of the writers and designers and, well I could go on, interpretations of these marvelous books! I want to remind all of the book readers that whatever they see on the screen will NEVER reach the level of visions that we can imagine in our own minds. That’s what so wonderful about Diana’s books!!!!

  2. This was a well thought out response. I simply don’t understand why people have to be so vicious. Is it because social media gives you a certain anonymity? This cloak gives some a certain power, a cloak of protection. They can spew, without having to back up their words, or even see the hurt and chaos they might be causing.

    Book vs Film – Both are a gift. Can you imagine what would have happened in the late 1930s when Gone With the Wind was being adapted to the screen? It probably wouldn’t have been made if done today. Yet, the Film is considered a classic as it created a visual of a classic novel. I believe that is what Ron Moore has done with Outlander. It is not called an ADAPTATION for nothing. If one is a purist, then stick with the book. If you can be flexible, enjoy the ride.

    As for the kiss ass comments. Since when does liking someone’s work constitute kissing someone’s ass? I, personally, wouldn’t be leaving a comment if I didn’t like someones work. It is my admiration for their work that inspires me to write.

    Thanks again for your words. I enjoy your remarks on Twitter.
    M.Zordich @MedusaZ

    • rynawolfe says:

      The other thing that really concerns me besides negative remarks is how intrusive people are into personal lives that are none of their business. I’ll be honest, I’ll be blocking people being OTT negative or intrusive. I don’t want them on my feed nor do I want to support them. I hope others will do the same to discourage this sort of behavior.

      • Carol says:

        l, for the life of me cannot understand WHY people want to DISCOURAGE new people from experiencing a show like this..newbies need to be allowed the chance to view and make up THEIR OWN minds about the show and to be encouraged to read the books to then fill in the gaps afterwards…l am re-reading Cross Stitch and am seeing for myself what has been left out or changed but can still see where and how the lead’s can be followed that frankly still leave the story line being the same..l have no time for trolls and dont accept their opinions as being gospel for how the show should be done..that is the beauty of an adaptation, you get to see how the story might have played out if the author had been in a different frame of mind on the day that those passages might have been written..well done to all the work that you and everybody else has done to make us, the majority, happy, even ecstatic..please give everyone a big verbal ‘PAT ON THE BACK’ from us ‘HAPPY’ fans..

      • rynawolfe says:

        Remember – be kind 🙂 People stating their opinions and frustrations – I wouldn’t label them trolls. I may not agree with them but they have every right to be frustrated or disappointed with this or any show. I’m just asking that, when they voice these opinions they do it in a way that will not bash the show for others. It CAN be presented positively if they choose to do so. I hope those that do like the show will be sympathetic to their frustrations while trying to push things to the positive – especially for those who have never read the books and may only ‘find’ Outlander through the series. Thanks so much for taking the time to comment – I appreciate your input.

    • Stacey Almos says:

      Thank you for all that you do! For me the book to TV was like when black and white turned to color in the wizard of oz.. You can so feel everyone’s love and passion for the project. You have made them almost too real…I am starting to question my sanity as I truly grieve their absence. Need to reboot my post oulander life…

      • rynawolfe says:

        Hoping we all remember to thank ALL the production members for bringing us such a great show. That’s my next blog – I think. I planned on it being this one then Terry asked that question and started things and here we are. I never speak in absolutes when it comes to this blog. I still want to do one about the lie of the romance that I was working on a couple months ago and other stuff just keeps popping up. What do you do?! LOL The voting will start soon and we have Emmy support we can do and all sorts of things to keep you busy 🙂 Cheers!

    • mika13tx says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I became a fan through the series, and then went on to begin reading the books. Although there are scenes from the book that I would have liked to have seen included in the show, I understand the process of book-to-film adaptation and the necessity for change. On the other hand, there are parts of the book that I am so very thankful that I wasn’t forced to actually watch. With Sam Heughan being the incredible actor that he is, I am glad that I did not have to see him play out ALL of the rape and torture that is in the book! I’m also glad they they toned down the scene where Claire forces him to fight his demons. That would have also been too difficult to watch. The process of adaptation is all give and take. I believe that even Diana Gabaldon thinks that there are parts of her books that would be too much visually. Plus with the issue of time constraints…what more could they do? As much as everyone would have really enjoyed the hot springs scene, what’s been done to him, and the process of healing is a more important element, since it will follow him, change who he is, and have an impact on the next season. Anyway, just my thoughts.

  3. We all learn these diplomacy skills at work. Just because we are fans doesn’t mean we should forget about them when discussing our favorite fandoms with other fans or espcially people in the industry.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Yes, it’s sad to see the fandom not in better harmony – but we especially can’t afford to alienate the interviewers and reviewers that get the series recognition. Thanks for the comment.

  4. phina says:

    I thought there was no such thing as bad publicity ? Nice article

    • rynawolfe says:

      Oh all publicity is good. It’s not the stories that are going to be problematic – a negative story or review can be countered with positive comments. Much harder to overcome are really negative comments from supposed ‘fans’.

  5. Mimi says:

    Thanks so much for writing what many of us Outlander fans feel!

    I think that the part about the comments section of online press articles is spot on! We need supportive comments there. Reporters and non-fans obviously monitor those. I hope more fans should scroll down to log a comment. Even if we disagree with the article author or a posted public comment, the response can be made respectfully. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It’s not a matter of trying to change their mind. It’s acknowledging theirs and expressing yours.

    It’s amazing that Outlander show, cast, crew is getting so much Emmy’s buzz in their freshman year! I think out outpouring of fan support and #EmmysForOutlander campaign has helped in some way. Reporters and press outlets take notice when their website hits, or Retweet rates, or Facebook likes skyrocket. It’s the “Clan Outlander” effect, isn’t it? We’re passionate about the show, Diana’s books, and more than willing to use our time, efforts, talents to promoting Outlander so we can see all 9+ Seasons realized & adapted to screen. Tularch Àrd! 💪💪💪💪

    • rynawolfe says:

      Yes, the more positive comments we can have on articles/interviews the better. Even opinions that aren’t happy with the show or express disappointment can be done in a good way. Encourage good comments – it will help

  6. Debbie says:

    Thank you for your insight and words regarding this issue. I am in total support of the show as the show as well. So much negativity lately on Facebook and Twitter. So much negativity in certain fan groups. It’s a total turn off and is not helping the show at all. The book fans need to remember not everyone has read the books nor do they really need to to enjoy the show. It certainly can stand alone. Ron, the production team and the actors have done a brilliant job!

    • rynawolfe says:

      I agree – they have done a brilliant job 🙂 The only way to overcome negative is with a whole bunch of positive. Post comments where you can, thank interviewers and reviewers, be kind 🙂 You can disagree and still be kind

  7. Becky Chapman says:

    This is very upsetting. Outlander is the best thing to ever come along…. When we book readers state a disappointment in something that we didn’t get to SEE I personally am not complaining about the show… I love love love all shapes and forms Outlander. I even have a rock from Lallybroch. There will always be bad apples.

    • rynawolfe says:

      We just need to put positive out wherever possible to overcome the negative. Too often people just don’t bother to praise something – while those that have a complaint almost always voice them. I honestly think the really negative people are a small minority – but very vocal.

  8. Vicki contente says:

    I absolutely agree! I have read all the books and watched every episode. I have re read the books and watched the episodes several times. This series of shows captures the spirit of the books! If you want to replay every scene from the book, well, just re read it! Enjoy!

    • rynawolfe says:

      And there is absolutely no possible way Ron can please every fan….there are as many ‘right’ visions of Outlander as there are individual fans. We are seeing Ron’s vision and not for the books, for the television series. No secret I think the series is fabulous overall.

  9. Thank you Ryan! I’ve just switched off twitter some and facebook. I am dissapointed with so many immature and more than snarkey comments. I wanted to put my 2 cents worth in..but, didn’t want to get into all out mud slinging dissagreements. I wish more people would realize what’s at stake here. I love the books, love the show, and have no complaints with any of it. I feel very lucky to see my fav books so meticulously and lovingly translated to tv.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Unfortunately, while the minority, the ‘negative nellies’ are very vocal. I encourage everyone to make positive comments about the show where ever they can. Express disappointment if it’s there, but do it in a way that leads people back around to the books. Glad you felt you could post here!

  10. donna netzley says:

    Hi Ryan,
    Thank you for writing this. You are absolutely correct in that we all need to be aware of the ramifications of our words. Being POSITIVE and respectful to others opinions is paramount. I’m hoping your article is circulated to empower those who need it most. Btw…love that you used Thumper!
    Donna Netzley

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thumper is great – used it on another blog post too. I have Chip & Dale on my shirt right now 🙂 I welcome all opinions, I just want people to be respectful. You can dislike something & express that without being rude.

  11. Sabrina says:

    Thank yo for writing this piece. Frankly, I am quite sick the way those so-called book fans trying to “defending the book they love.”
    I am a TV show fan first and I LOVE every second of it. The beautiful costume, the spectacular scenery, the music, the production design, and most of all, the amazing writers for the script and phenomenal performances from the actors. You just don’t see this kind of high quality show often on TV. I ejoyed it through and through without knowing what ‘s gonna happen next. Of course later on I’d picked up the book and started reading, and indeed, there are some wonderful things in the book that sadly didn’t make it to the show, but it never destroy my enjoyment to the show as whole. So I really don’t need to hear people moan and whine “this is not how the book goes” or “that line is really important, how can they miss it?” You want to ruin your fun, that’s fine, just do it privately. STOP RUINE SOMEONE ELSE’S. Thank you very much.

    • rynawolfe says:

      They ARE defending something they love – yet, the ones that write such vitriol seem to be out to destroy and extension of the very thing they love. My concern, and why I wrote this, was having so many nasty comments going that it would actually hurt the show by driving away potential viewers/future fans. Thanks for the comment.

  12. sassypants25 says:

    Thank you for this lovely post. I got into Outlander 8 weeks ago & fell HARD. I plan on reading the books during #Droughtlander2. I do understand being devoted to something for decades & feeling conflicted over the product that is being consumed in mass pop culture. I DO NOT care for nastiness & bullying. I haven’t seen anything too terrible, but I’m pretty active on Twitter and have had some mixed experiences. I saw the interview where the interviewer made a misstep in a question & Sam was very gracious and the interview went back on track. People were crucifying the interviewer & that isn’t necessary. Then jumping on Terry & Diana when they are requesting basic decorum isn’t right either. We are like a family, and with that we can be very protective, but we MUST allow the show to make their product. I’m an actress & I struggle with expressing how adaptation is its own art form & is NEVER meant to take word to page, piece-by-piece, and not change things a little. My thoughts so if the author is ok, I’m ok….because ultimately it is their vision that they gave to me and I trust them. Side note- I can’t wait for 6/15 to come so everyone can use whatever # they want on Twitter. I understand the trending plan, but some of us work & won’t be able to blow up the Internet at a specific time so we like to retweet & others add us in things & we get called out ONLINE. Not a biggie, but it’s getting a little uncomfortable. 😀👍❤️

    • rynawolfe says:

      Oh very cool – all my acting was on-stage (HS/College/Community theatre nothing professional) and an extra in one movie 🙂 I miss it sometimes, but I’m just in love with writing now. What are you working on now? or can you say?

      There are a lot of options for pushing Emmy’s before 6/15. Use #EmmyforSamHeughan or any specific thing like that. Make a meme (if I can manage it anyone can) and put #EmmysForOutlander IN the meme, then it is seen without ‘using’ it. Lot’s of info out there for how to support and promote the Emmy campaign even now. Happy to point you in the right direction if you’d like.

      • sassypants25 says:

        Thanks for the support. I’m actually done with my stint on “Preacher” that they are filming with Seth Rogan down here in Albuquerque. I’m always working on “Manhattan” or “Better Call Saul”. There has been a lot going on down here in New Mexico. I do stage stuff between. It all makes for good binge-watching time, hence my Outlander obsession. Also lots of time for social media 😊.

  13. Peigi says:

    To the meanies and pushies, I say: Don’t be a “Leg-Hair”

  14. Judy11 says:

    I also have an issue when people speak without respecting others. Unfortunately the anonymity that one finds on Social Media seems to breed more of it as folks feel safe having a conversation there they may not do face to face. And even if you do have face to face conversations those, too, need to be respectful I had expressed the thought on some ste that I did not want those negative naysayers to ruin the opportunity for the show to be picked up for year 3 and more. Yes, you can disagree with Ron’s adaptation, but do it in a positive, respectful way. I became a book reader AFTER the first half of the year and love both books and show! Loved your write up Ryan!!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Something tells me autocorrect doesn’t like my middle name! LOL I’ve seen it ‘Ryan’ a couple of times today. LOL I actually really like healthy debate and conversation, but yes, it needs to stay respectful and be discussed in a logical way.

  15. SallyGeeSally says:

    While I don’t disagree with some of your observations or your plea to ‘be kind’ when expressing an opinion (that should be the norm with everyone all the time on any subject), I would observe myself that as one of the people disappointed with how parts or characters in the series were handled, I don’t much appreciate being rounded up as a ‘generic’ dissenter and labelled a person who will only, as you put it, “whine and bitch and moan.” I’m glad you like what they are doing. For those of us who don’t and who express ourselves without calling names or otherwise putting people down for having a differing opinion, perhaps you might try to understand that it is because of a love of this material that we feel so strongly… just as you do.

    • rynawolfe says:

      If what I said doesn’t apply to you, don’t take it personally. Please. I don’t much like being grouped into the ‘kissing DG and/or Ron’s ass’ either since that is NOT what I’m doing. I have my issues with the show, but I don’t put them out for really public consumption because I don’t want to damage the series. I whinge in private where people that haven’t experienced the show yet won’t see it. Besides – no complaining about something that is already on the air will do anything but hurt the show. It was filmed months ago and can’t be changed now. I purposely kept it very general in the post rather than singling people out and causing more issues.

      I have NO ISSUES with someone saying they are frustrated or disappointed. In fact – I have suggested this blog to several people – here you go. http://adramofoutlander.com/2015/06/07/a-finale-my-fan-expectations-shattered/ Frustration and disappointment expressed in a very positive way – supportive of the show.

  16. lisa says:

    Well said. I wish folks would realize the difference between paper and film media. How a passage is written has to be that way so the reader can visualize. In film a look can cover a couple of paragraphs.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Some things are just really hard to transfer over – surprisingly, some things just won’t come across as well visually. Your mind builds it’s own pictures and reality reading where a visual medium provides it all. If it isn’t YOUR ‘picture’ it can be disappointing – but a TV show can only follow one vision and in this case it’s Ron’s.

  17. Deb says:

    Well said. Thank you. Am in TOTAL agreement with you.

  18. bimbo536bimbo says:

    Love this post!
    Love the show!
    Love the books!
    I think I may just start a fb group called ‘Arse-kissers of Outlander’…

  19. I agree with what all you’ve said. I think comparing the books to the show is like the difference between looking at a photograph of, say, the Grand Canyon, versus actually going to the Grand Canyon. The photograph can be beautiful and very faithful but it will still, of necessity, leave some elements out. It’s not really fair to berate the photo because of that. Both are enjoyable, just different.

  20. The series got me reading the books. A lot of people who watch the series haven’t read the books. To me, the series is absolutely great. If people would take the series for what it is..an adaptation..and appreciate it, they can love it and still love the books. If they are a little different, so what. I’m just glad Starz and Ron put the series together and have probably gotten a lot of people reading the books. Thanks to both of them.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Welcome – the books ARE pretty awesome! It’s people like you that I have concern over with the nasty comments. I wouldn’t want someone turned off from trying out the show due to a few people’s disappointments over the show not being done THEIR way. Hope you enjoy your reading!

      • Jody Smith says:

        Hopefully when Season 2 starts, we’ll have a great show, I’m sure, and all the positives will outweigh the few negatives. It can’t come soon enough! Thank goodness for On Demand!

      • rynawolfe says:

        I thought the first season was pretty good 🙂 Looking forward so Season 2 as well.

  21. Dell says:

    It seems to me that its a vocal minority (as usual) garnering all the attention. You mentioned FB pages – I’ve not seen any on the groups that I belong to here (Australia) but I have seen references to the negativity & criticism on FB. I’ve always seen the books & series as 2 versions of the same story, both equally glorious. I remember the fuss and angst of many of the Lord of the Ring fans (I am one) when filming began. In the end those who were critical of Jackson’s view of Middle Earth…who sreamed loudest & longest – faded away into the Grey Havens. The same I’m hoping will happen for Ron,Terry, Maril etc. Their vision will stand the test of time.
    Yes there were aspects of the series that I didn’t like & being a Libran I would have preferred to see more of Jamie & Claire but when I need more J & C I read the books & thanks to Ron et al I can ‘see’ them more clearly now.
    Some of these ‘eejits’ should try living here. We get no print or visual news about Outlander, no visits, no opportunity to attend ‘Cons’. All we get is from the internet. Thank goodness for Pay TV so we get the series.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I am sorry – I wish you had more access. Even here in the states it’s somewhat limited though. I live in northern California and while the San Diego ComicCon is in the same state – it’s 6 hours at least away and WAY WAY WAY beyond my budget! I get almost all my info from the net too, and I have been careful in who I follow and what groups I belong to. I actually got axed from one FB group for simply voicing a concern over how something was being done and suggestion contact with another group that had different information. I was dropped from the group without comment or explanation. Their loss. All we can do is try to drown the negative in positive. Thanks for the comment.

      • Dell says:

        try Aussie Outlanders FB…positive but not cloying, sensible too.
        Think I know the group you were axed from. 🙂

  22. I, too have become concerned about how nasty some “book purists” are getting. It’s not just disagreeing or disappointment but outright nastiness. I read the books and I think that the show is brilliant. It captures the essence of the books and still brings something new. It is, hands down, the best show on TV.

  23. Susan Van Hoven says:

    Well written comments. There are two things I’ve been struggling with regarding this issue. First is the issue of critism. I have heard all the complaints, many times over and over. I have tried to give my own response and tried to be positive, but it’s like talking to the air and it keeps going on, repeatedly. I’ve given up at this point and I just ignore. I do give as much positive input as I can about the show whenever there is a chance.
    The other issue is the explicit joking about Sam and Tobias body parts. I am amazed at how disrespectful people can be to actors they purport to like. I see no problem with commenting on an actors overall body. They work very hard to keep them swoon worthy; however, making lewd comments and joking about private parts is totally out of character with the tone of the show, especially the subject and atmosphere of Wentworth. Some of the memes in this vein make me want to cringe.

    • rynawolfe says:

      It IS hard to respond to the complaints without getting negative myself. I have a short temper which doesn’t help. If writing something like this as a general overall statement can be helpful I’ll keep at it. Surprisingly the responses have been very positive so far – for which I’m thankful. Yes, please do talk up the show wherever possible! As for the disrespect….it makes me angry. Sam is a big boy and can take care of himself I’m sure, but I get protective of things I care about. Likely I’ll never meet Sam or really have any chance to interact with him, but he’s a good guy that deserves respect and simply cannot answer some of the crap that goes on. Same for all the leads really. The ‘stars’ especially have gone out of their way to include the fans and interact with them. These are people doing a tough if ‘public’ job and deserve the same kindness & respect you would show anyone. Thanks for the post here!

  24. ingeborg oppenheimer says:

    i cannot understand why somebody who doesn’t like a particular program – for whatever reason – feels he or she has to urge others to stay away from it; why doesn’t such a person simply stop viewing the program and go on to other activities? i’m trying to figure out the psychology behind that outlook. i realize this is sort of side bar to your point, but thought i’d mention it.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Supposedly they are ‘defending’ the books they love. The majority of the fans don’t see it that way, they are enjoying it and want as many other people as possible to enjoy it as well. Honestly, by being nasty and spiteful they are only hurting the potential to get new readers – but if you try to explain that we are ‘restricting & trying to silence them’ – what I was basically told on Twitter today.

  25. Maija says:

    Thank you for this post!

    I am so saddened by the bitter recriminations that some long-term book fans have been hurling at Ron & Co in the social media. They are even bad-mouthing journalists, who are bringing Sam, Cait and Ron’s fabulous work on TV Outlander to wider attention. They are assailing interviewers with harangues of “read the book, before you speak!”

    DG has been great about cautioning “fans” to reign in the criticisms…. but it appears that even her words are falling on deaf ears.

    I am fearful that if this level of nastiness keeps up, everyone associated with this stunning adaptation will withdraw from the public, and that the vitriol could sabotage the continuation of TV Outlander beyond season two.

    How heartbreaking if this vicious, vocal minority were to ruin it for us all! And I would be so very sad for Herself, who has waited for so long to see a screen version that is worthy of the universe she created.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Exactly the concern I had when I wrote this blog! Everyone has a right to an opinion and to state that opinion – I just wish they would truly ACT like they actually care about the book like they say (and I am speaking only to the people that get really nasty and negative here). By spewing that much nastiness you are only turning off potential fans of the books you claim to love so much. I mean, if the show is so bad how could the book(s) be any good right?

  26. Oh Ryan, you are my spirit animal!! I have been posting about this very thing on my closed fan group. I, like you and many others, absolutely love this show and everything about it. I don’t compare it with the book because it’s a different thing, a different medium, and I understand the logistical restraints, the need for each episode to have it’s own arc, and so on. I look at it as a companion piece to the books, which are always there, unchanged, whenever I want to read them. I love the extra bits especially – I mean, I know the books inside out, having little surprise scenes, new scenes, changed scenes, scenes from other POVs – this is one of the things that makes me tune in each week – what am I going to see today? What new stuff, what favourite book dialogue, what scenes I’ve imagined for years will I finally see come to life? Having been disappointed by book adaptions in the past (Legend of the Seeker for example), to say I am absolutely thrilled at the quality of this production, the casting choices, the sets and scenery, and how true to the book, and the spirit of the Outlander world it is, is an understatement. So when I see the whinging and moaning, which achieves nothing (as you said, the show has already been made, and aired) except to turn off prospective viewers, reviewers and even possibly jeopardise awards and future seasons, I do get annoyed. I can see the point of a constructive comment, for example “It would have been good if the scenes in the abbey followed the book more closely, but I liked how keeping the time frame short allowed the sense of danger and drama to remain heightened, which works for a TV show, and of course in that context, Jamie doesn’t have time to completely heal so the hot springs scene would not have worked.” I have gotten so annoyed a couple of times I have challenged a commenter on a review or blog and then have regretted it later, and so have banned myself from even reading the negative comments, I just skip them now. I always get torn apart by the negative commenter who feels it is their right to publicly lambaste a show but apparently I don’t have the same right to disagree with them. I doubt your post will change these people’s habits but I love knowing you are out there trying 🙂 Bring on Season 2, I can’t wait!!

  27. Diane says:

    All good points.

  28. Sue says:

    Thank you for your blog! I don’t twitter, and was shocked to hear via FaceBook about the rude comments made to Terry and Ron, after they opened themselves up for a conversation with fans, that unfortunately took an ugly turn. As much as I love the books, I’m so happy to see it acted out on tv that I don’t care (for the most part!) how it’s adapted. It’s been brilliantly conceived, acted, directed- Terry’s costumes are stunning, the music soars- I could go on and on. So there’s no need for ugly!

    • rynawolfe says:

      I do twitter and I still managed to miss most of the nasty directed at Ron & Terry. I don’t follow that many people (I honestly have a horrible time keeping up with my timeline as it is!) and I’m rather careful with who I do follow. I don’t need a lot of negative going in my head – my real life has enough drama in it. Terry is amazing – honestly I’d be hard pressed to choose if I got to pick an hour with here or Sam. No one will believe that but it’s true….Same with Sam or Diana…. Ah to dream eh? Thanks for the comment.

  29. Diane says:

    Great, great, great commentary and advice. I want to be watching this series for the next 2 decades! Sometimes we forget to behave. The efforts of STARZ,cast, producers, crew, and Diana are huge and vastly appreciated!

  30. Peggy Lusko says:

    You cannot make everyone happy–that is a known. The book had too many great parts which would never fit into 1 hour. I am just glad that there was a very happy ending. This is the first season, and things will obviously change for the better, because of Diana’s books. Every show has been magnificent. #116 was going to be dark, like Ron kept saying in his interviews. We were all forwarned. Bottom line, Jamie and Claire are still alive, well, and so very much in love. And now a baby changes the show again.

    Just keep doing what you are doing and everything will turn out well. The show is just a baby yet. It will grow up. I love this show and I would not be a happy person if it were off the air. It is so dynamic, that it is hard to watch any of the mediocre shows out there. There are a few that catch my eye, but nothing like Outlander. It has a long life on TV, and I will be greatful to watch every single one them.

    Good Luck to Ron Moore, Terry Dresbach, Diana Gabaldon, and the entire cast, & crew for making this show come alive on TV.

    Thank you all,

    Peggy Lusko

    • rynawolfe says:

      Just curious, are you a book reader? Have you read past the first book to know what is coming up? I think the show is great and the cast & crew to be applauded. Thanks for the comment.

  31. cherokee1020 says:

    This is brilliant. Brilliant. Tragic it needed to be said, but brilliantly done. Thank you. Thank you thank you thank you. It is entirely plausible for people to stay away from The Series because of the comments from, by, and about “book readers” who constantly compare and disparage the hard work done by Ron et al because “that’s not how it is in the book”! I also cringe when people argue with Diana about the characters she created! The media tries to stir up interest in The Series by highlighting the more controversial scenes and happenings. Is that helpful? Maybe so. Maybe no. But if we want to see subsequent books transformed into visual feasts, we must be respectful, mindful, and positive in our comments. How wonderful a Series and a Book can stir so many to such high emotion. How sad people are not responsible in those emotions…

    • rynawolfe says:

      I actually did a whole posting on “But That’s Not What’s in the Books!” back in April. Honestly, people can choose whether or not to accept the changes and enjoy them or not – So glad everyone here (so far) has chosen the positive option of taking the show on it’s own merits and enjoying it for what it is and knowing the books will always be there to fall back on.

  32. cherokee1020 says:

    Brilliant written. The login process destroyed the long response I created, but you are spot on. Thank you…

    • rynawolfe says:

      I’m so sorry – but you never know what that will bring. A similar experience a few years ago where I simply could NOT get a long response to post to a website is how this blog started. If you find the very first post on here you’ll see what happened. So in a way, this whole blog is Diana’s fault as I was firing back at someone being nasty to her. From a major frustration comes me blogging which I never thought I’d do! Thanks for commenting even though you didn’t get to say all you wanted to.

  33. Regina says:

    Very well written piece. People need to take these words to heart not just for Outlander but for everything in life. The quote in the above piece is indeed a classic and should be a golden rule for everyone to follow. However please allow me to add another piece of advice that I have actually printed and taped to my office door (I work at a State University). This is the advice:

    “Before you speak…Think!
    T – is it True?
    H – is it Helpful?
    I – is it Inspiring?
    N – is it Necessary?
    K – is it Kind?”

    I wish I could say I was the insightful author of this advice but I am not and I don’t know who it was originally. I found this on FB one day and thought it was spot on.

  34. Janet Ochs says:

    I love the books, have read all multiple times, including the Novellas. AND I love the TV version. It allows my sense of sight to combine with my notion in my brain regarding the lives of the characters in Outlander. I don’t mind one bit that the TV version is not a carbon copy of the novels. I can go back anytime and read the books again. The Outlander series of books are a wonderful gift and the TV version is the gift wrapping.

    • rynawolfe says:

      and because of that mind-set, that choice you made how to deal with the difference, you are enjoying the added gift/icing/gift-wrap of the show bringing life to a favorite story. Thanks for the comment.

  35. Janice Grady says:

    I am in total agreement with you. As one who waited for book two to publish I an a long time fan The Frazer. With books like these you are inviting the characters into your home and they live with you forever. This in depth character study is not possible in the TV series. You take what is offered, consider it a gift and wait with breath bated until the following season. If Starz becomes a problem with renewal we start an avalanche as only Diana Galbaldon fans can do and get it picked up sgain. It is beautiful, mesmerizing, gut wrenching, and exciting to watch. Thanks to all for your passion to bring Diana’s words to life.

  36. The way I see it is that people should be able to express their opinions, negative or positive, but they should not intentionally trash something just because they’re a little on the prudish side, and others should not be so short sighted that they let others’ opinions decide whether they themselves will watch something. Just because one person, or one unimaginative group of people, don’t like this or that, doesn’t mean the more imaginative and open minded among us will not. If you allow someone else’s opinion make your decision for you, you’re in the unimaginative, closed minded group. It isn’t like we’re researching to buy a car or house. Take your chances, you never know what you may think when you use your own mind.

    • rynawolfe says:

      A very good point. I seldom listen to ‘critics’ because I seldom agree with them. However many people do. There was a definite decline in viewership for the last two episodes and, personally, I think a lot of that came from all the stories and comments about how horrible it was going to be to watch. It wound people up unnecessarily and caused people to avoid it until later when people that DID watch it put out that, while heart rending and hard to watch it WAS watchable. Damage was already done though.

  37. We have chatted about our respective thoughts before, and once again we are in agreement…but then, perhaps I am just a fellow unicorn shitter. 🙂

  38. BG says:

    I’m a bit confused by what may be the amount of negative comments on Twitter, since I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t intend to signup. Are there that many people unhappy with the production as a whole?
    If the negativity continues, I don’t think there will be as much access to the people involved with the show. Why would they want to continue to expose themselves to the abusive language?

    • rynawolfe says:

      I missed this – so sorry. I don’t know that there are huge numbers of people unhappy with the production, they just tend to be very vocal. A few can ruin it for the many – not just in comments but actions. It’s too bad that doing a very demanding and public job puts these wonderful people in a position to be disrespected.

  39. Emily says:

    THANK YOU!!!! 😀 I have been trying to say the same things to people on twitter for weeks but they just don’t want to hear it 😦 There are a few that I’ve unfollowed because they are trying to make people feel _guilty_ for liking what Ron and his team are doing. It is ridiculous!! What they don’t understand is that the book and the show are two completely separate forms…they _shouldn’t_ be exactly alike!! I personally love every decision made (though, admittedly, some took a few days to “get over”) and in the end I realize that the show is geared toward those who _haven’t_ read the books. In the end, some people just need to complain and be negative and there is nothing anyone can do to change that. I just hope it doesn’t ruin it for the _true_ fans who actually love the show and want to see all of the books portrayed through Ron’s vision.

    • rynawolfe says:

      No, the really negative ones don’t want to hear and say someone like me is trying to tell them how to think and silence them etc. I’m not bothered by whether people follow me or not and I don’t feel obligated to follow back. I know what I have to manage in my life – and my Twitter TL is already a bit problematic. I follow who I choose to and everyone else should do the same – it’s not a popularity contest (for me) having more followers means I can reach more people which is good – but the people that need to see what I say will. Be willing to protect yourself, follow/unfollow where you need to and be willing to block anyone really out of line. I too hope ‘true’ fans consider the source for any information and make decisions accordingly.

  40. I absolutely agree with you! I am no sycophant! But I go way back to 1991 and I know what a disaster this impossible book would have been with a two hour movie, as was originally planned. Then Ron Moore walked in…with a wife and partners telling him…don’t F it up! I figure out of 16 hours…I might have about 15 minutes where I would have tightened things better. For most of the time…I have been sucked into this adaptation and watched and rewatched these episodes multiple time. This program is a GIFT to all of us that have a soul deep connection to these books. I am so over those ne’er do wells that can only complain about everything…there is PLENTY of bad tv out there to complain about! You can revisit the books anytime you want…or change channels! But don’t ruin it for the rest of us!

    • rynawolfe says:

      Well said – I too have been ‘sucked in’ to the story and especially the new bits which are such a fun addition IMHO. New facets to a favorite story. thanks for the comments!

  41. Kyle says:

    Another rational blog post regarding irrational people. Very well said and I couldn’t agree more. I love reading your sane (most of the time) delivery of reasoning to a sometimes insane and unreasoning “fandom”. I don’t want to in any way paint the entire fandom with that broad a brush, but I think we all know the few that I mean.

    Keep up the good work and I’ll keep reading.

  42. Jo Mason says:

    I totally agree, well said. I too am a writer, (indi)filmmaker and actress. I know how it is and fully expected differences from book to screen, but of course there are those who don’t know how hard it is to film some scenes, hopefully they’ll get over it.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Would be great to see more of that perspective – it’s a fascinating process! Unfortunately, there are some people that just seem to be miserable in life and are compelled to spread that misery to others. Thanks for the post!

  43. Beth Case says:

    You are my hero!

  44. drewallace57 says:

    Excellent piece – I couldn’t agree with you more!!

  45. agatha1980 says:

    I do appreciate your post and I do respect what u say but I would like to add a few things if u don’t mind.

    Outlander is not excellent television, it is rife with flaws and everytime I watch an episode I am always amazed at the love for sub-par tv and the rabid fanbase that follows it. But it is not a unique phenomenon. Fifty shades of Grey is much much worse.
    I think personally, the controversy that fuels this show in terms of acting, scripting, Ron Moore’s wife’s barely adequate costuming efforts- actually help it. It has spurred blog posts across the world wide web and its hate-watchers though widely reviled are the reason this show is even talked about at all. Otherwise apart from the occassional arched eyebrow from the maker of real television, nobody apart from the rabid fanbase and the occasional paid reviewer, nobody really cares.
    If the show is good it will be recognized as such by more than the fanbase, if not it will receive its fair share of criticsm.
    So next time u go all, be kind…rewind, remember that.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Thank you for your comment – I will try here to live by my own words in making a response.

      It never ceases to amaze me how someone, like you, that obviously does not LIKE the series or anything about it, watches it. If you think it is so sub-par and terrible, why are you watching it? Why are you on a blog-site that is primarily (at this time) focused on Outlander and it’s fandom. I imagine there are a fair few fans of the series and the books it came from that would not appreciate being labeled ‘rabid’ either. Dedicated and enthusiastic, intelligent and well read is more how I would describe most of them.

      Ah….hate watchers you say. I guess that explains you. But why would you want to waste valuable time and energy watching and ‘hating’ something rather than finding something you can enjoy and embrace? That makes no sense to me. There are shows that I don’t care for, so I don’t watch them or take up my valuable time with them. What a waste that would be and life is too short.

      I won’t debate the acting with you. I disagree and I think as the show gets recognized and the awards for the actors start piling up the actors abilities will become well known. I don’t agree with every scripting done in the show, but that is true of ANY show. That is just personal preference. The writers and Ron have an overall vision I can’t see yet, so, while I may not like a particular element when presented – I’m trusting them to spin it into the overall story.

      There have been many, many positive, glowing comments about the marvelous costumes on Outlander. Terry is an artist and truly cares about her work. Costumes especially is an area that even the most ‘rabid’ critics agree are well done. This particular slam has me feeling like you are just trying to stir up a shit storm – not that you actually care about any of this.

      There are many sites, like this one and on FB that promote the show and the books. We LIKE the show (mostly – some of the book readers are struggling with a few of the changes and ways Ron has done things). It’s good dramatic television – not crap – and there are many in the industry that support and promote the show.

      To quote you: “nobody apart from the rabid fanbase and the occasional paid reviewer, nobody really cares.” Isn’t this true of ANY show?! I’ve not really watched Supernatural (a few eps at a friends house several years ago) yet I’ve run into that fandom on several polls. They are serious about their show and they are legion! Same for Once Upon a Time and Dr. Who. Not everyone likes the same thing and that is very ok! It would be a really boring little planet if we did!

      Yes, the show is still struggling with the ‘romance’ image. That is changing however as we get more and more male viewers. I believe the Season 2 will take have this going even more with the focus on the political storyline. I agree with you that negative commentary gives opportunity for discussion and debate – what I dislike is when it dissolves into ugliness and hate. There is no need for that. The show IS good and has been recognized for that if you care to see it; on the other side, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and has had some criticisms leveled at it. EVERY show put on television gets good AND bad reviews because every person is different and likes different things. I have no problem with honest opinion/criticism – I DO have a problem with meanness and shit-stirring just to be mean or comments that have no basis in reality. You have an opinion about something fine – but saying you think the sky is orange and that is your opinion doesn’t make it valid.

      Lastly, let me say I feel very sorry for you and other ‘hate watchers’. I’m sorry that you can’t find something you enjoy and find positive to spend your time and energy on. The people that like whatever you are slamming will answer you (or not) then blow you off and go on enjoying their show or whatever while you are stuck in a cesspool of negative. That’s very sad.

      • sassypants25 says:

        Well said….I really can’t comment on what agatha1980 said because she didn’t give an example of “good tv”. Personally, I think ‘Empire’ is atrocious, but I recognize that others may like it and their opinions are just as valid. I don’t troll their sites, because it is disrespectful and not helpful. Thank you for staying classy though when dealing with someone who is just looking for trouble.

      • agatha1980o says:

        That’s me. And my cesspool of negative.
        Those costumes are forgettable. And brown.

      • rynawolfe says:

        The costumes are very appropriate for the area and time period. LOL….French court in Season 2 – maybe the silks and bright colors will be more to your liking. I doubt it though. Obvious you just want to be negative. That’s fine. I won’t answer you any more but others may if they choose. My only rule is to keep it ‘nice’ – all opinions here are valid.

      • Kathleen heldenbrand says:

        Difficult as it may be remember DONT FEED THE TROLLS!

      • Liza says:

        Excellent well said!

      • Carrie says:

        I would like an example of “good tv” as well.. just for comparison, if you don’t mind. I will happily watch what is considered “good tv” and compare it to “Outlander” and decide for myself.

  46. Karen says:

    Well said, Ryan. It should just be good manners and common courtesy, but for some it may be a lost art. As a HUGE fan of the books, I’m very happy with the series!! You can’t adapt everything from a book to a series or movie, but I love what they’re doing with the material. If Diana is happy, so should we all be.

  47. Liza says:

    Excellent! So well stated and true. Pundits and critics of the show who look for literal adaptations have no concept of how that isn’t even realistic even if they had an expansive budget and unlimited time. I’ve been a fan of the books for a very long time and have been amazed and very pleased with the TV series. All involved have done an exceptional job.

    And as far as Sam’s healing goes its an ongoing process and as Ron, Sam and Cait have all said they will come back to it and face those demons again and again as the story goes on. It never goes away.

    Finally I hate back seat drivers and I detest arm chair critics that have never written a script, been on a TV or movie set, in the cutting room for editing or in on the designing process for costumes or sets, let alone in front of the camera. I love the whole team and what they have achieved. I had the books to create my own fantasy world around and now a brilliant TV show to augment and enhance my imagination. Love your blog and love you stance! Very Classy. And I LOVE OUTLANDER most of all.

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