First of all I feel the need to explain something.

Screenshot - 5_16_2015 , 12_04_10 AM

When I did this, it was supposed to be a reminder that while the episode with those characters had filmed in 2014 (in September I see now by one on the numerous articles which came out today), that Sam & Tobias – the lads themselves – were obviously alive, healthy and still friends. Due to rather unique circumstances, I don’t get to see the episodes air until sometime Sunday – if I’m lucky. I’ve done all the live tweets for trending without having the first clue what is going on other than reading other people’s tweets.

Sam actually (bless his heart) responded to my post, and I understand his message now. I hope he and others can forgive my not knowing how this episode ended. However – Sam and Tobias DID survive so that was definitely true and the point I was trying to make with the meme.

I trashed the rest of this post because I want to do something very different with it. Coming soon.





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