Be Nice!


The Outlander Fandom is one of the most passionate I have ever come across! I have seen this group of people move immovable mountains (unseating the reigning Alpha Male Madness king that had held the throne from the polls start for several years for instance), raise thousands and thousands of dollars/pounds for cancer research and to support acting students and I’m sure other things along the way.

I’ve seen people rally behind not only causes, but each other. Supporting and uplifting people we most often have never met before except through text on a computer. We’ve grown and learned and stepped out of comfort zones.


We absolutely #DoEpicShit !



Because we tend to be so passionate, we can be a little on the abrasive side. Simple remarks blown up into an issue where there wasn’t one. Hard tones and hurt feelings. With Wentworth and the final episodes coming up – we all need to take a breath, a step back and clutch the hell out of the Golden Rule.

To watch or not to watch – that is the question. But it is a question each person needs to judge for themselves and NOT judge another person’s decision. Wentworth is going to be a hard episode, so will Ep 116 – To Ransom a Man’s Soul.


So, a great blog on NOT watching   An Honest Chat with My Fellow Fans…

Countered by a great blog FOR watching     Wentworth: The Burden of Knowing (#Outlander)


These two ladies articulated their ideas very well and I agree with and support both of them. I can’t possibly say it better so will let them speak to that part of things.

So why am I writing this then? What is the point? My point is that this is a FANMILY – we care about each other but are very passionate within ourselves about this show and the people involved in it. We need to remember that other people are just as passionate in their beliefs and be careful not to ‘lash out’ – especially with these episodes. As Thumper would say:


By all means voice your opinion! There are lots of really intelligent people in this fandom with great things to say! Getting another’s perspective is always a good thing – a new way of seeing or experiencing something always adds to your own ideas. Constructive, positive dialog is a great thing. My concern is, I’m seeing a lot of really negative comments being thrown back and forth from both sides. Not good. We have often commented in our circles about other fandoms and their internal wars and nastiness with each other – I don’t want to see that happen with the Outlander fandom.

Be Nice

Please…..voice your thoughts, opinions and passions but be kind and considerate about it. Some people truly have PTSD issues that may make it impossible to watch this. Some people have other reasons – whatever they are, the reasons are valid for THEM personally and that is all that matters. Don’t criticize or judge either side for choosing to watch or not. Don’t sneer and come across as superior because you think your way is right. It is SO easy to do and I’m just as guilty as anyone else is! It’s so easy to be passionately arguing a viewpoint and not realize how belittling or challenging it sounds/comes across to the other side.

And on that note of being nice – for the love of all that is holy be nice to Tobias Menzies! Wentworth may affect him even more than Sam in the long run and thankfully – the episode was filmed months ago so they have had a little time to deal with SOME of the repercussions from filming this. For those who haven’t already seen it PLEASE read this! It is so spot on! Remember…Black Jack is a CHARACTER. Don’t take out your hatred of the character on Tobias!


An actor I know had the main roll in a play called Blasté. The character was a very dark and demented person that in turn had horrors visited upon him as the play progressed. I had the opportunity to speak to the actor not long after he did the play and he said that, while he got a great deal out of the performance, it had also taken a huge toll on him mentally and physically. He was literally sick in the mornings after a performance. I can only imagine how hard this was to do for Tobias and Sam.


For myself – I plan to watch the episode. To me this is a necessary part of the story that – well much like the crucifixion of Christ. Jamie could not evolve into the man he does, the one that so many fans are totally hooked on, without the horror of Black Jack Randall. He wouldn’t be THAT Jamie Fraser without this experience. It shapes so much of him in the future – how he sees and reacts to things and people. I want to see these two stellar actors bring this to life. Most have probably seen this by now, but for those that have not, here is something Diana wrote about Wentworth and why it went down the way it did.

Diana Gabaldon explains the ‘why’ of the Wentworth Prison scene in ‘Outlander’

Ron, IMHO (which I know isn’t shared by a certain contingency) has done a phenomenal job of bringing this story to the screen. The task of taking that much material and cramming it into a generous 16 hours was / is daunting at the very least. There was/is no possible way to keep everyone happy from the book side because everyone wants something slightly different. What is ultra-important to one person, another could care less about but thinks this other point is absolutely necessary to include. Ron and team have, very wisely, stuck to making a television show based on a great story and are doing a kick-ass job of it.

To close, please all let’s keep in mind that, at the end of the day – this is a TV show. It isn’t real. I know – I know! These characters have become very real to many people and have effected lives in a very positive way. I honestly DO get that. (a TV character quite literally saved my life and I was so blessed to get to tell the actor ‘thank you’ face to face for that!) So yes….I do understand.

Remember though – the people you are tweeting to or making comments to/about on FB or whatever social media you choose are REAL people. Words are very effective weapons of pain even when we don’t intend them that way and can have a lasting effect. Once released, they cannot be taken back. Stop to think for a minute about what you really want to say – write it down by hand on a scrap of paper or type it onto notepad or something and then read it to yourself. Is it really what you want to say and how you want to come across?

Be kind to each other. These are two episodes out of many seasons. And when someone steps in, out of caring, to try and calm things down if they DO get out of hand – recognize it for what it is. Care and concern for a sister/brother in the fanmily from a fellow sibling.





10 thoughts on “Be Nice!

  1. tori says:

    So very awesome…truth… thanks.

  2. Jo says:

    Thank you. To each his own as far as watching . This is a book and these are actors. Be kind .

  3. bettysunflower says:

    Wonderfully stated! Thank you. I have posted this on FB and Twitter for my Outlander fanmily friends who may not have see it yet. Before reading Diana’s comments and the article she cited, I had given little thought to how it all would effect the actors themselves. They give so much of themselves, it only makes sense that they would be effected. Thank you for sharing and for the skillful way you have presented the information.

  4. dolores says:

    I have read Outlander Series I have a good idea what to expect and I know that this group of actors will bring the writings justice.

  5. Cindy says:

    Beautifully articulated rynawolfe.
    Thank you.

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