Outlander Fans #DOEPICSHIT

I want to use this space to tell you what is so right about Outlander! The magnificent job Ron and the whole team are doing cramming that huge, wonderful book down to just under 16 hours of television. What they are accomplishing is truly amazing and I’m so very, very pleased with the series. I’m using my voice to tell you what is right about not only the Episodes, but also the fandom, sometimes referred to as the Outlander Fanmily. Having had interactions with a few other fandoms in the last several months – I can tell you the Outlander fandom is truly great!

As individuals and as a collective, in small groups and large, we have done some truly amazing things. Money raised for charities, lifelong friendships, kindnesses extended across all walks of life and bodies of water. People finding new hobbies, learning a new/very old language, going out of their comfort zones and reaching out to other wonderful people. Very cool stuff. So proud to be part of such a great and positive fandom.

One of the cool things I’ve become aware of is a small group of very dedicated fans working to spread the idea of the series – and thereby the books – to people who don’t know about it. At the same time, they are working to help get the show noticed for things like the Emmy nominations and showing a dedicated fan base that wants the show renewed for as many books as there are to cover!

There are some great artists on the team making those wonderful memes I’m sure you’ve noticed. Like this:


Or these:


These memes and encouragements are to let the fanmily know about specific happenings. The #AlphaMaleMadness poll going on right now for one. #AlphaMaleMadness   Live Q & A’s, blogs or great information about the show and / or events.  Collecting recipes for a cookbook fundraiser

e3Mrpuh9(should I submit a Chocolate Zucchini Cake recipe you think?)


There are some truly fantastic artists working on this effort – but more are always welcome!

A big push right now is to get the current episode trending. There is a very specific way to do that and it takes all the Outlander fandom to accomplish. Each episode is given a specific hashtag BY STARZ to be used for this purpose. The more times that hashtag can be used a given timeframe the more likely we are to trend. This is usually done on the 9pm EST showing in the US. I think? because that is what the Neilsen ratings use.

There are a few rules with this: For Twitter it has to be an original tweet using the hashtag and at least three words. Try to make them something that would pique a person’s interest in the show and make them want to watch. Be creative. A retweet helps – but need to make a comment of at least three words and the hashtag. The more tweets from separate people we get the better.

I’m not completely sure about FB as I’m not very good with it – but the hashtags work there as well. Make comments, get discussion going DURING that hour as much as possible. The memes can be posted on FB – share them – get others to share them. We want to get as many people as possible interested to watch the show and eventually, participate in trending and voting.

All these efforts help keep the series viable to the money guys at STARZ.

The memes are fun and can give lots of info as to how to help. We all want this terrific series to be a major success and be around for many years to come.

Please feel free to ask questions if you have them in the comments section and I’ll do my best to get them answered.

Tulach Àrd!



6 thoughts on “Outlander Fans #DOEPICSHIT

  1. Mimi Cipher says:

    Beth, thank you for shedding light on the behind-the-scenes efforts to support our beloved show and cast. I’m so glad that you and others are part of this amazing fanmily. Everyone brings their unique talents and contributes in their own way. Some are artist and memers; others are organizers and motivators; and some are support by retweeting or voting. I’ve developed friendships I never thought would result from being an Outlander fan. It’s my first fandom ever and the ONLY one I would devote hours to help support! Outlander Fanmily is simply THE BEST! 🐼

    • rynawolfe says:

      Mimi – so true. I just love all the memes but I’m clueless how to do them! LOL I’m good at voting though and more than happy to write whatever. Not on par with HERSELF of course, but give me time! Thanks for the comment!

  2. bigdoh says:

    Great blog and so true on all counts! What an amazing time this has been!

  3. I need to make it to Twitter this week to help with the hashtags! Great post Beth 🙂

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