Pet Peeve – Makeup


To give everyone a bit of a break from Outlander related posts (especially as I’m working on another one), here is a pet peeve of mine.

I constantly see these ‘SEE STARS WITHOUT THEIR MAKEUP – SHOCKING PHOTOS’  I have so many issues about this but, I’ll try to address the important ones.

1) If they were honest they’d say ‘actresses’. Seriously are there EVER guys in these line-ups?

2) Most of these line-ups are just mean and very skewed in what is presented

3) These things are very, very damaging on several levels


#1. I don’t KNOW this for a fact, but I’d be willing to bet any of the actors (meaning males) that walk red carpets and will be stopped for questions are wearing makeup. They almost have to. Having been on stage and worked on a couple of sets, I know what that harsh lighting does. Unless you have a perfect tan or naturally dark skin you get totally washed out. You look like a ghost and it comes across very badly on screen. So why do the guys never get put in these lineups?! 

Because there is such a big difference in the look. The guys use the makeup to not wash out, the gals are all about the glam. The carpet events are where you make it the best you can – OTT – more beautiful than is real. That is fine. The problem is when you compare it to the other end of the spectrum!

This leads directly to #2. They take a picture of some actress all glammed up for a red carpet event and the comparison photo is her coming out of the gym after a workout. So no makeup, hair messy, face puffy and/or blotchy….of course they are going to look worlds apart and the second photo is very unflattering. What ticks me off about it is how they make it these women are looking so awful when they have gone out of their way to find pictures that will do just that! The comments also tend to be very, snotty. Some of these women are damn pretty without makeup, yet the comments say very unkind things.

To be fair….I have seen a FEW – a very few – comments that are nice. ‘Such a fresh face’ or ‘beautiful eyes’….but overall, they are unkind and frankly, not true.

Which brings us to damaging. First of all, for people that have never had to wear performance makeup – you just have no idea. I’m sure it has improved over the years, but it’s still really BAD for the skin. Even ‘normal’ makeup isn’t good for you really. It can give a great look and make you ‘pretty’ – but at a cost. I’ve had many people compliment me on my skin – for years. People tend to guess my age at least 10 years younger than I am – more often 15 – 20 years younger. I know absolutely it’s because I almost never wear makeup. No, not even mascara. Blistex Silk & Shine for my lips. If a special occasion I’ll put on eye makeup and a touch of blush. Something REALLY special (say a wedding) where I might have pictures taken (though I avoid cameras usually because of my weight) I’ll wear foundation with the rest. I worked with a girl in her 20’s that had really horrible skin and caked on the make-up because of that. Just looking at her skin she looked much older. I finally convinced her that her skin was that bad because of the makeup and got her to drastically change how and what she applied. Within a month her skin had vastly improved.

These ladies can’t always have perfect skin because they ARE in makeup so much of the time! Besides, very few people in the world have ‘perfect’ skin – why should they? They are human beings with lives. Lovers, children, a career – a stressful career and we have no idea of their RL struggles.

The other thing that makes this so damaging (aside from, no matter how thick skinned someone gets working in Hollywood, those snotty comments have to sting if not downright hurt) is making it seem like that false beauty and perfection are better than the real person. What happened to standing up for the right thing and empowering women?! Stating – even passively – that made up, unreal beauty is better than who you really are is just……….not cool.

Honestly, on a couple of the ones I looked through, I thought many of the ladies looked BETTER without all the glam makeup! They had a natural beauty that was so much more appealing.

What I would love to see is some enterprising fashion or celebrity journalist do one of these ‘STARS WITHOUT MAKE-UP’ with a very different twist. Use the glam photos on one side, but on the other, have the ‘no makeup’ be just that. A posed shot taken by a photographer – just like for the glam shot. The lighting would have to be adjusted for that, but a truly comparable picture. Not catching them after exercise class or coming off a 15 hour flight or running out for an early morning coffee on the weekend! Make it a truly comparable thing!

A lot of big name actresses are doing ‘selfies’ on Twitter and FB and such – but it would be nice to see a known outlet do a real story on this celebrating what they can be all made up as the ‘actress’ AND the real woman they are at home. Heck, make it interesting and throw a few guys in maybe. Instead of saying THIS is more beautiful than THAT, have the person in question give an empowering quote or helpful tip about makeup or skincare or just care of yourself.

Just a thought.



One thought on “Pet Peeve – Makeup

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Why do some people think it is acceptable and newsworthy to pull women apart for how they look .. ‘off duty’ ?? It’s appalling.

    A lot of the ‘beautiful’ made up photos .. are exactly that. They are photoshopped within an inch of their lives, even when its just a face. I saw an article on it once about 8 months back. They sucked in cheeks, took out dark circles and bags, and smoothed out the crappy spotty skin !!! THAT was all without even the makeup !!! SO .. I wondered ….
    When.. they do the ‘without’ look ……. never mind catching someone at their ‘worst’ ie outside a gym….. do they cheat THEN too .. and actually make the pics WORSE ????? Just a thought, as with these types of people who enjoy putting women down, I wouldn’t put it past them !!!

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