Will the voting never END?!?!

Vote Sam

As a (fairly) dedicated Outlander fan, I’ve been immersed in ‘fandom’ as I never have before. The whole experience with Outland has been marvelous – I mean contests (that I don’t tend to try for because living on a boat I don’t have a lot of room for swag), pictures, videos, lots of access to the stars and the production team and just……………… it almost gets overwhelming. I don’t follow everyone associated because so much gets retweeted that I already seem many things multiple times. Of course I miss things too. I also have very inconsistent and poor internet connection so it makes it hard to be as current as I’d like to be.


We have been voting….a LOT….for months……………and it’s getting old. Not all the voting has been a positive experience. The Anglophile polls with Caitriona got very nasty and I will admit I lost my cool a bit with the Dr. Who fans. Not proud of it, but it did seem to knock down a lot of the real trouble makers for the rest of the poll. I promised not to ‘post’ in the final round as self-inflicted punishment and avoid any other problems. That was very hard as our fandom was having such a wonderful time commenting in character and just generally having a party.

We, the fans, have busted our collective *ss to win many of these polls for our beloved books, show and actors. They appreciate it, are overwhelmed by it and probably wonder just a little bit about our sanity. I wonder about my sanity all the time so that’s ok. I’m sure at this point many are thinking ‘do we really need to win yet another poll?’

Here is my thought on it. Sony and Starz are in this to make money. Straight up that is the deal. They have found a great formula working with the fans and incorporating them into their marketing strategy for both Outlander and Black Sails (maybe others shows too but these are the only two I follow). It works very well and has been very successful for them. But if either of these shows starts getting tepid responses, doesn’t continue to gain viewers, basically stop paying for themselves….they will be cut and something else will replace them. It’s business. No matter how great the story, the acting and all the work that puts it out there, if it doesn’t pay for itself it will be gone.

To me, as annoying as all this voting can be, what we are doing besides showing our love/support for Outlander – we are getting the word out there in many places. We are getting the show and the stars recognized, in front of people from other fandoms and genres. It’s working and that is a good thing. Many may not have caught in the tributes to Leonard Nimoy that Sam got included in the lineup. That is actually pretty huge.

We all have lives away from Twitter and the polls – I get that. I just finished a novel & am going through the process of looking for an agent & jumping through those hoops.  Kids, jobs, other fandoms to support – all that stuff. The voting is tiresome and we’ve all done a lot of it. I think it’s worth it.

The more visibility the show gets, the bigger the fan base the more people we will have to vote in these things. All of that gives the show a much higher chance of being kept on the air. So keep voting, and keep encouraging others to vote.

STRATEGY!!!! Hit it hard early on if possible and get a big lead then KEEP voting! Maintaining a good lead is way easier than struggling to get back over 50% as we found out with the E!online poll.

The polls that can be voted on multiple times – we tend to do well on. We are a tenacious group that have a strong desire to win for our show! There are, however, polls that only allow one vote by a given IP address (like the SPOILER TV rounds going right now 1 July 2015). These are harder for us because we simply don’t have the numbers that some of the other fandoms do. So it comes full circle. If we are a positive, upbeat fandom that attracts people with our actions, attitudes and positive comments on other polls we will hopefully gain more fans that will help us in single vote polls in the future.

Something else to remember – for the fans of The 100 or  Supernatural or whatever show we happen to be up against in whatever poll – THEIR show is just as important to them as Outlander is to us. We don’t understand their dedication and obsession any more than they get ours – HOWEVER – don’t diss their show or actors. Don’t say things like “don’t see how you can like that silly boy who can’t act – he doesn’t hold a candle to Sam!” ……………………Please, I beg you don’t say stuff like this!  You know how your hackles get up when people say stuff like this about Sam/Cait/the show……imagine what it does with them! Stay positive always – you attract more flies with honey than vinegar and people from other fandoms are far more likely to give Outlander a shot if we stay positive and say nice things about them and their fandom. Don’t lie – but:


Tulach Àrd!

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7 thoughts on “Will the voting never END?!?!

  1. Jac says:

    Thank you for your advice. Yes I agree all Outlander fans must participate. We want this show to continue till the last book and it is frustrating when the voting is not monitored as it should. All those clicking gives me a headache but I held on. Polls should not allowed the cheating like it is on Outlander. It is not a correct nor fair representative
    Of the fan base.
    Hopefully some good and fairness will come out of this but if making money is their goal, I won’t hold my breath.
    We just have to work at it harder.

    • rynawolfe says:

      I believe these polls allow for multiple votes because it brings people to their pages – business. It IS very frustrating to not only have to work so hard but to constantly be accused of cheating by other fandoms. Best idea is to hit a new poll hard right out of the gate and get as big a gap as possible. It’s much easier to maintain a lead than fight for it.

      And thank YOU – my first comment for these pages!

  2. viveka says:

    don’t have much to say except great text! I also feel overwhelmed by the voting, although the RT was my first time doing something like that.. But like you say, we do it to give the show publicity to increase the chances of it being picked up again and again and that chance makes it worth it (well, most of it)..

  3. glowhallow says:

    While I agree that the voting CAN provide visibility for the show, many of these contests are just small operations seeking to get multiple web hits to their site. All contests are not created equally, and most do not get any real press for the show or the stars. Ones run by well-known entertainment sites like E or Yahoo are one thing–and the Peoples’ Choice Awards are huge….but some of the contests are really a big waste of peoples’ time and effort. I don’t like any site that is using fans to rack up webhits. It feels dishonest and manipulative to me.

    I’m super tired of all the emergency posts on social media imploring people to vote.

    I do agree with your comment not to badmouth other fandoms. If anything–try to persuade them over to Team Outlander. Those that are passionate about other fandoms might find Outlander appeals to them too! That’s what I’ve done in the past.

    • rynawolfe says:

      Most of the websites admit it’s about traffic. It’s business for them like anything else. Manipulative but not really dishonest.

      Totally agree with all the ’emergency’ posts. Part of that is when they are done legitimately then on say Twitter are RT’d for days even after the contest is over. Not much to be done about that unfortunately.

      As much of a fight as we had with the Supernatural fandom and as bloody nasty as some of them were (the Zap2it poll comes to mind) I had a couple of them that were great, took time to really passionately talk about the show. My guy and I got hold of the first season and are loving it. I wouldn’t vote for those guys over Sam or Outlander, but so far, it really IS a good show. A new fan due to the comments section on a poll. We are always ambassadors on social media – something that often seems to be forgotten unfortunately.

  4. Katrina says:

    I think just take it all in fun. Vote if you like and not if you don’t. Now I am generally not much of a voter and don’t put much stock in them. But I got caught in that radio times one recently. It was fun and I did post a lot of vote shit on twitter but hell it is my twitter and can post what I like really. It was a mighty effort and lots of witty banter and we won for #scifi section.

    I bet radio times loved us and our and Sam’s promotion and hits to sites. It is business to the site and we all know that.

    I am fairly sure Outlander is safe as long as people continue to subscribe and or buy the show. Terry says that is the best way to keep it. Not that it is in any trouble.

    But I do agree it is good to get the word out there and make it a show that is recognised and talked about. Not just a show us die hards watch. There is a lot of online bloggy type press but not sure there is much in other media. It would be good to see them in the big media circles.

    Not that Emmys are the be all and end all but seriously there was some acting done that was Academy award worthy. It got overlooked as most probably have never seen it and a few episodes submitted will never bring justice. For their work to go unregonised in that regard is sad.

    Anyway the thing I was basically saying was do what makes you happy and have fun.

  5. Sarah Meyers says:

    Only reason I vote is to help get the show noticed. I want more seasons! However, people should be careful with what they say when promoting the vote. Do not be rude to others or put their show down. Their show does mean as much to them as ours does to us. Beside the negative talk just reflects badly on our fandom and even on our favorite show.

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