Sam is not a personal plaything!

Saw a brilliant post today called “Diana Gabaldon is not your mother” on The Word Peddler site and the author graciously said I could link it here.    It’s a great read and something I wanted to respond to.

I was actually thinking through this fandom and Diana’s relationship to Sam on my walk yesterday. (Sam and his Peak Challenge….killing me really but I’ll try)

I think it is absolutely outstanding that Herself and Sam have bonded so well. I have never taken offense at their exchanges, nor would I harbor the thought of making such comments myself. I don’t have that sort of relationship with either of them! How intimidating must it have been for Sam to realize just what this character was to Herself and the responsibility to bring Jamie to life for her. Daunting. I think we can all agree he has risen to the challenge beautifully – if only because Diana seems to think so highly of him. I was thinking how, it is none of OUR business as fans, what relationship DG and Sam have. Or Sam and anyone else for that matter. That is their / his PRIVATE life and none of our beeswax!

Diana has always struck me as someone who likes to make comments with some shock value and watch the reactions and stimulate dialog. She speaks her mind and never apologizes for that – nor should she. She has a load of common sense (something severely lacking these days it seems to me) and has a great affection, IMHO, for Sam and the other actors. There is a lot of mutual respect there and I’m sure if SAM had/has an issue with anything he would talk to her about it privately.

A lot of the….hmmmm….b*tchy comments seem to come from jealousy…which is just silly really. Sam does not ‘belong’ to any of us. We can admire and respect him – but we don’t own him nor should we act like we do. With a few rare exceptions in the fandom, we are not FRIENDS with him. Would I love to sit down with the guy and get to know him, have him hang out on our boat and talk about whatever? Sure. Will it ever happen? Probably not. Do I feel jealous of the people that DO have that privilege? Maybe a twinge now and then, but only because I have some small idea what it might be like to hang out with him or Cait or …..hmmm….Zach McGowan (Charles Vane from Black Sails) pick any actor/celebrity.

Something to keep in mind, they are HUMAN. They are not perfect. They are people with lives and loves and things of their own to do besides Outlander or whatever their current project is. I am so amazed by Sam’s energy to have so many things going at once! The show (and all the crap that goes with it), the Peak Challenge (and how personal he is with that) another movie, some surfing, diving, a cruise…I mean jeeze! Does the guy ever sleep?! And with all that, he is very active and responsive on Twitter and now has a FB page! Many actors don’t let the fans in that much – we should be very grateful he is so gracious and willing to have fun and put up with us.

Back to Herself to close. Because she is so dedicated to the story and making sure it is right, it takes Diana a couple of years to put out one of the Outlander novels. Keeping in mind that was before the TV series. Now she has even more public appearances, more responsibilities and more people to deal with. Everyone wants some of her time. She stays gracious (I’d be cranky as hell with some of the schedules she has to keep during promotions) and fun and willing to give her all where she is! She is told to write the book, yet is expected to show up for book signings and promotional packets for the show and talks and……………………………… you get the idea. She too is human with a life and family and things outside of Outlander. Not to mention the need to sleep and just relax occasionally to keep the creative juices flowing.

As ‘gingerlovinmind’ said so well, Diana Gabaldon is not your mother – and Sam (or any other ‘celebrity)  is not your personal plaything. They are very talented people who give a lot of themselves to their fans and deserve our respect.