And Now for Something Completely Different

Ok….where to begin. AAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!!!!

Yup….about sums it up. Now to explain.

My ex-husband and I have been ‘dating’ for several years now, and it’s going well. About 2 years ago, he was given the option to buy a 47′ sailboat that we had looked at together before he went away. His dream boat; very dock weary (she’d just been tied to a dock for 10+ years so LOTS of work as boats deteriorate when not being used). He has been living/working on her while I kept my apartment. All good.

Several months ago, we were talking about him cruising – something he has wanted to do since he was 12. I was just never ‘there’ before. Afraid to let go of land life and that security. I found out later that ‘security’ isn’t  that secure. Anyway, I suggested cutting the dock lines and heading out on his 50th birthday (May 25, 2015) would be a great target. So that was the plan. About a month later (late June) he invited me to go, but he was going with or without. So, with a much different perspective than I had 10 years ago, I agreed.

About the time he had his hernia surgery (finally – after a 2 year wait with the VA) end of July, the place he was working for got sold and he was offered a diving job in Sausalito. COOL! Problem is…he was wanted down there, yesterday.  O……K…

Last Thursday night, all the pieces finally got lined up for him to train the new owner making donuts and we could leave – before the weather starts turning in October. Back to AAAAAACCCCCCKKKKK!

I plan to have a garage sale September 5 – 7 ……the whole town is actually having a community one that weekend so I’m using the publicity and tying into that. Had planned to do that anyway, but the magnitude has changed a bit.

This gives me 18 days (9 of which I’ll be working) to sort through a singlewide and 2 storage units, carefully box up the few items I want to store for maybe 10 years, put aside things I will want/need on the boat and price for sale everything else! I plan to hand over the keys to my place by 9/12 and – weather gods being nice – we will pull out of port on 9/15! I went from 8 months to do all this to 4 weeks.

I’m excited but totally stressed.

In transit we obviously won’t have internet and I’m not sure how things will be once we actually get to Sausalito. We will be living ‘on the hook’ – tied to a mooring buoy out in the bay rather than at a dock. The boat is self-sufficient, but I don’t know if we will be able to pick up Wi-Fi or not.

I just wanted to let you all know I’m not deserting, just going dark for a while with very good reason!



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