Jamie’s Ghost?

As I still haven’t managed to figure out the TweetLonger function over on Twitter, I’m afraid you’ll have to put up with this for now. And yeah there is probably a better way to do this than cut and paste…but bear with me ok? Have pity – I’m good at using programs but it takes a bit to figure them out.

Now, to respond to this set of tweets involving herself:


@Writer_DG T or F? Jamie WANTED to marry Claire…already cared about her when all that came up? That is always how I took it but …

@WolfeTales He did care about her. He was also a 22-year-old virgin who wanted badly to get laid, I expect. <g>

@Writer_DG well yeah there IS that! Just…had an interesting thought about the whole ghost thing. But I’ll tuck it away for now

@WolfeTales @Writer_DG What is your interesting thought about the whole ghost thing?

@amoducko @WolfeTales I think you’ll find out, but it’s the last thing in the last book. (Which is NOT this one, btw.)

And don’t lynch me but it has been a couple of years since I read the books….a major move and stuff in storage and other things to read so I’m going off memory here! Oh and my guy ordered the book with Virgins in it for Christmas and I STILL haven’t gotten it! (GRUMBLE)

So…my interesting idea about the whole ‘ghost’ thing. We know Jamie can see into Claire’s time when dreaming. He sees Brianna that one time as a baby and ‘touches’ her. And we know he is watching Claire at the beginning of the story when Frank sees him. Jamie even tells Claire about this….but I don’t think he ever tells her when he saw this…just that he did.

My thought was…what if Jamie saw this vision of Claire BEFORE she came to his time? To have seen that vision of her and feel the connection…then to have her ‘appear’….and how she jumps in to take care of him and his wounds though she is clearly freaked out.

Just a thought…I’ve been told I have a bit of a twisted brain.