Blog Response

I’m the first to admit I’m not all that great at this social media stuff. I got a link to a blog site on Twitter which I read. I wanted to respond to that blog and have been trying to do so for well over an hour. It kept putting me in this weird loop.

One of the steps I took trying to post there was to create this blog to have an identity. Still didn’t work. However…since I have this spiffy new space – I’ll just post my thoughts here! Voila!

So, the blog that I read was this:  An Open Letter to Diana Gabaldon

Everyone is entitled to their opinion. All good. I disagree with nastiness and name-calling, but legitimate opinions are all just that – someone’s opinion. Here is MY opinion in response to the above blog.

1st – This is your blog and your opinion perfectly valid.

2nd – By opening this blog up to comments, you accept that the comments made, other people’s opinions, are just as valid. You scorched DG and were scorched a few times in return. Fair is fair.

3rd – as a FAT woman – I get so tired of all the political correct CRAP.  FAT – come on everybody say it.  FAT! For those of us so encumbered of body, embrace who and what you are and KNOW you are still a person of worth.  I am 5’1”, weigh in at 235 and will be 48 on Monday – I think I qualify as a FAT woman! As such, I am actually more offended by the blog than any of DG’s books. FICTION…a made up story that has touched countless lives in very positive ways.  Yeah it sucks that us larger gals (or guys for that matter) seldom get starring roles or the great love interests in the stories.  However, I’ve seen in RL that the guys that LOOK like the great storybook heroes seldom ACT like heroes. Sam just may be an exception. As a fat woman I say – get over it. I read fiction, like most people I’m sure, to get AWAY from RL; to find myself in another time, place and person.

4th – writing is something you obviously embrace. You write clearly, distinctly and well. So, use that talent to, how did you put it? “giving fat people positive fictional role models”. Write your own sweeping, stirring, life changing and embracing novels with the characters you seem to think are so vitally important to give the world instead of sniping at someone who has done it.


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